Palestinian Authority Bankrupt? Why?

I just read today that the Palestinian Authority is begging for financial support=they claim that they are close to bankrupt! How is this possible? What happened to the BILLIONS of $ given to it by the EU, the USA, the UB , and many NGOs?
Other posters have claimed that Yaser Arafat has a huge fortune, stashed away in swiss banks-can tghis money be attached somehow?
Every time I see the palestinian children on TV, It makes me angry-Arafat and his cronies living like kings, while palestinian children live in slums, in dire poverty.
Why isn’t this scandal exposed! :smack:

Arafat has billions, but from what I hear no one knows where it is. He’s kept the information to himself. And he refused to name a successor, which could trigger a bloodbath when he dies.

Just two more reasons why he’s an evil, evil man.

But he won a Nobel peace prize.

A great deal of the problem has been the corruption on the part of the Palestinian Authority. The aid money gets pocketed by the corrupt leaders (a problem in many third-word countries, by the way, ask me about Nigeria some time) … or funnelled to terrorists.

Arafat began his career as a terrorist, he was the one who masterminded the modern concept of terrorist, and that was all he knew. He never tried to establish a government, and he did his best to derail any peace efforts. He rejected the best deal that the Palestinians could have ever hoped for.

I fear that his death will trigger internal fighting – probably bloody – but that eventually, someone may emerge who actually wants to help set up a government for the Palestinian people, and to negotiate a peace settlement with Israel.

Where are our usual anti-Israel goons to defend Arafat against these charges?

Er, sorry for using the term “goons.” I meant to say “gentlemen.”

Being anti-Israel and pro-Arafat are two different things.