Palin claims to have used Canadian Health Care

I thought this was kind of funny after her saying that we should dismantle our health care system.

“Funny” isn’t quite the right word - I’m thinking more along the lines of “too stupid to live.” Why won’t this woman just go away?

Gawker’s headline was chuckle-y.

“Sarah Palin Supports Government-Run Health Care, Inadvertently Uses ‘Ironic’ Correctly”

It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, or alternatively, revealing that everything you’ve been saying for the last year has been made-up lies and feigned outrage.

It’s slightly weird in that (according to the article) she previously said that they went to Juneau for treatment of her brother’s burned foot. So which is correct? And if they really did travel to Whitehorse and seek treatment there, then did they pay the Canadian healthcare system for the treatment?

There is no reason why anybody would go to either Juneau or Whitehorse from Anchorage for burn treatment. Seattle is the city of choice for burns. Juneau is a major step down from Anchorage hospitals, so the whole thing sounds fishy to me.

If it happened, then it happened when Palin was a child. So, no, she’s not a hypocrite, not about this.

Well, I have no idea if she’s telling the truth or not but the health care they recieved in Whitehorse would likely be much cheaper if they were paying out of pocket. Although if the Govenor of Alaska doesn’t have health insurance for her family then I think US healthcare is in worse shape than I thought…

But how far is Seattle from Skagway, Whitehorse or Juneau? Wouldn’t it be too far to go for immediate treatment?

She wasn’t governor at the time. She said that this was in the 1960s, when she was under five years old.

So how did she avoid the Death Panel Mountie Patrol?

I don’t believe her, because her lips are moving.

There is not anything this woman would not misrepresent or lie about.

But it’d be a very odd thing to do, to at least indirectly praise Canada’s health care system in this fashion.

Maybe not. According to the link above, Palin made the remarks while speaking in Calgary–a Canadian city. It wouldn’t have been very polite (or diplomatic) to put down the Canadian health care system to an audience of Canadians. Of course, I don’t believe she had to mention it in the first place; but since she did, there was only one thing she could do: compliment it, even if such a compliment was indirect.

Naturally, the Death Panel Mountie Patrol was probably standing offstage, waiting to deport her if she misspoke. :smiley:

Don’t be so sure, last time she was here she said our system was socialism and should be changed to the ‘better’ American ‘for profit’ model. Pretty much blowing any credibility with Canadian’s, coast to coast. If there is one thing we’re proud of it’s our access to healthcare based on need not income. This comment just represents that she’s not that stupid - twice.

Well, as I often say, a little socialism goes a long way. :slight_smile:

Agreed, but remember that there was no government health insurance in Canada in the 60s (except in Saskatchewan, where it started). There was government hospitalization insurance when we moved here in the fall of '68, but you didn’t become eligible until three months residence. Of course, a hospital could and would treat someone on a fee-for-service basis. Still will. But physician care was essentially identical to the US. Then, in 1970, the federal government mandated that every province has to institute a system similar to Saskatchewan’s. Here in Quebec, there was a doctor’s strike. It got lots of publicity, then came two kidnappings by the separation terrorists and the doctors were off the front pages and the strike disintegrated. A few doctors left and a few decided to practice outside the public system and we had medicare.

Despite all the lies, we each get to pick our doctors, there seems to be little government involvement in health care and there are no death panels. Even the Reaganite government that is running things in Ottawa wouldn’t dare suggest ending it.

I think she said the incident took place when she was a child, not when she was a Gov.

However, as Dewey mentioned, it’s been pointed out that she has told this story before, only named an American hospital, so everyone is a little :dubious:

Should have read the article first. If they were living in Skagway, then it would have been easier (and cheaper) for a minor injury to either take the ferry to Juneau (as she first claimed), or drive over the pass and down the Alcan to Whitehorse.