Palin Collected Travel Per Diems While At Home

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home

Our “maverick reformer”, ladies and gentlemen…

She saved the state $370,000 over the previous governor and has refused to bill the state for all of the money she is entitled to. She is a breathe of fresh air, especially compared to Biden who has cost the taxpayers millions for his Amtrack commute.
Thanks for linking to that article Steve, it is a nice change of pace after all the Palin hate that intially greeting her announcement.

I’m curious what constitutes “official” state business for her husband and particularly her children. Is her husband officially employed by the state to work on behalf of his wife? Certainly, as noted in the article, it is hard to imagine how her children fall in to that category and particularly for the young ones.

So how does that work? What is usual in any state? Do all Governors do this? Clearly it calls into question her claim of fiscal responsibility to save the tax payers money from wasteful spending. Personally I do not care if someone requests her children’s presence. They do not operate in any official capacity for the state despite their mother’s job. I guarantee you I could not take my children on working trips and expect to have my employer pay for it (if I had children anyway).

Cite? Did he buy his own train or something? Is it any worse than charging the government for a place in Washington D.C. when all tallied?

Or do you mean Biden has been a supporter of Amtrack in general and has pushed for more funding? Bit different than collecting “millions” personally to ride Amtrack.

Didn’t read the whole article?

You do know that the previous governor was considered one of the most corrupt politicians in America, with his chief-of-staff pleading guilty in a corruption probe, right? Hence him losing the primary to Palin in the first place (coming in third, actually). So, yeah, she’s more fiscally conservative than him…

Do you have any comments on taking the per diem for days she was staying at her own house? Is that responsible, conservative government? Would you say the same thing if it were Biden doing that (oh wait, your post already stated your position on his travel expenses…).

And, in the end, isn’t that all that matters. As long as there exists someone they can point to who is doing something worse, that makes what they did OK.

I read the whole article and was as shocked as you were that a Democrat politician had something bad to say about the Republican vice presidential nominee. Shook me to my core, it did.
The facts in the article are that Palin has saved the state money, and has refused to bill the state for everything she is entitled to under the law.
Amtrack loses millions of taxpayer dollars every year. Biden is one of its biggest supporters, I am sure the fact he personally benefits from Amtrak is just coincidence.

Illogical. The interviewee was not just a democrat politician with something bad to say about a republican, but a democrat politician who was lambasted for doing the same thing she did. I have to wonder who his political opponents were who brought him down for making lawful but bogus T&E charges.

Second, the idea that she saved the state money is risible. Spending somewhat less money on bogus T&E than her spectacularly corrupt predecessor is not the same thing is “saving the state money”. It just makes her somewhat less corrupt.

Apparently you missed this part:

The adjective is “Democratic”.

You still haven’t answered the question. Do you believe it is ethical behavior to collect a per diem for nights spent at your own home, regardless of whether it is legal?

As for this, the implication that the 70 senators and over 300 congressmen that voted for the last Amtrak appropriation all derive personal benefits from it is somewhat amusing. Or is it just Joe Biden that is compelled to vote for purely personal reasons?

This is just the start of the whirlwind McCain is going to reap for failing to vet Palin properly. I am confident that there will be a steady drip, drip, drip of new scandals and embarassments from now until the election. I think the odds of Palin leaving the ticket are now a non-zero number.

Can’t happen. McCain has no choice but to ride it out - this was his big gamble (remember those articles a few month ago about his love for high-stakes craps). Without Palin he doesn’t get the GOTV effort, money, and turnout he needs to make it competitive in OH, VA, CO - and he has to win all three of those (and FL). This has fired them up big-time (hence the big swing in non-weighted surveys like Gallup - more people identifying as Republican instead of Independent) and to dump her now would prove he’s not “one of them” once and for all. He’s made his bet, now he’s just waiting for the dice to finish rolling.

Don’t kid yourself. Palin is now the darling of the right and white women who don’t actually care about issues. Dropping Palin would be suicide for McCain. In fact, politically speaking, McCain dying would be better for the Republicans than dropping Palin.

No, Palin’s on the ticket unless there’s something truly horrifying lurking in the shadows. Like an actual murder or an abortion. Or taking bribes from the Saudis. The kind of petty corruption and hypocrisies we’ve been seeing won’t affect anything.

These people are Republicans, do you really think it’s in their character to admit an error?

Oh, I don’t think he will dump her now; but he would cut her loose like deuce if the fickle Palindrones decide she isn’t The One they were hoping for and the polls drop as quickly as they rose…

I smell fear. And every time someone starts another of these “Smear of the Day” threads it smells sweeter.

It’s starting to sink in - you really might lose this thing.

Better get your election fraud excuses ready.


I smell hand waving.


BINGO! Admit no errors, play the victim, and if confronted with the truth? First try to spin, and if that does not work then lie outrageously.

Why do you hate America?