Palindrome help: Do good I? No! Evil anon I deliver!

Years ago I read in an old paperback copy of Guinness book of world records what they claimed was the longest palindromic paragraph in english. It ran something like this!

"Do good I? No! Evil anon I deliver! Sanitary sword atuck Carol, I, lo, rack, cut a drowsy rat in aswan. I gas nine more hero men in Saginaw. Reviled, I Nona live on! I do, o God! "

obviously this isn’t exactly it, and there was more to it, anybody know the genunine article? I’ve never been able to find it on the net.

I don’t know about it holding any records or anything, but on this page the following is listed under the heading “Really Long Ones” (you’ll need to scroll down most of the way to the bottom):

That’s it exactly, MEB! Thanks a bundle!


If you’re truly interested in the longest plaindrome, you can find another thread here, and similar threads here and here.

An excerpt from my favorite post inthat last thread:

saippuakivikauppias (Finnish for “soapstone salesman”), which my father used to be when he sold fireplaces hewn from said stone many years ago. And he’s from Finland to boot!

(I’m starting to feel like an old timer…apparently I’ve mentioned this anecdote in one of the threads StephenG quoted above)