Palm pilot csv file headings

I have a contacts file from a palm pilot in csv format. The contacts are messed up and I want to clean them, for example first name and last name are both in the first name cell, adresses are in the telephone cell, etc.

Problem is I need the original headings for the file so I can know what goes where. Unfortunately the csv file doesn’t have headings.

I have some old Palm exports but as I recall you can customize the fields and how they are exported. I am hoping this will help you though:

Last name
First name
work phone
home phone
other phone
custom 1
custom 2
custom 3
custom 4
custom 5
(I don’t know what this is but I had integers in the field, it may be another custom field)

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By the way I do recall that the export did not provide headers. To mitigate that I added an address record in my Palm and in the last name field I put “$Last”, in the first name field “First”, and so forth so I could solve this exact problem if I ever looked at the data and couldn’t figure out which field was which. Not sure what happened to that field immediately before “Category”.

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