Palm trees on Jewish headstones?

My grandma visited a Jewish cemetary the other day and asked me why so many of the headstones had engraved palm trees on them (but some didn’t). I had no idea. Anyone know what the palm trees symbolize?
I promised her the internet would know. :cool:

Well, date palms are one of the Seven Species, so they’re somewhat important in Jewish culture; but I think that mainly, it’s just a traditional design element.

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That symbol is of the palm in Gilead, an important image for persons who served in the Royal Navy.

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This is just a guess, that it comes from the quote in Psalms 92:13: “A righteous person will flourish like a date-palm, grow tall like a cedar in Lebanon.” I have no grounds for this other than the assumption that it must be some sort of biblical reference at base.

This website: says a palm tree on a symble represents “Spiritual victory, success, eternal peace, a symbol of Christ’s victory of death as associated with Easter.” Seems unlikely for a Jewish tombstone, but it is possible that they just copied a popular fad symbol without knowing the meaning. That has happened before.

Well, C K, Christianity itself acquired the symbology for the palm from Judaism, so if that was the case it would be merely a recovery.

Where was this? It’s not a motif I’ve seen in the Jewish cemeteries I’ve visited, and I’d be curious to know where it’s used.

Perhaps the OP is too new to this MB to realize that he has broken the tradition of only asking questions about Judaism during the Sabbath (Israeli time).

Most of the dead Jews I know spent some of their last decade in… Florida! Where there are… BINGO! Palm trees!


It’s in Belgrade, Serbia. :slight_smile: