Palm vs. Pocket PC

My Palm Pilot died and, since I don’t like feeling like half my brain’s missing, I’m looking at new ones. One problem: there aren’t that many left. Almost everything seems to be Pocket PC now. Will someone who’s used both compare them for me? I’ve heard Pocket PC uses more resources–so, say, a 400MHz PPC with 64Meg is equivalent to a ?? MHz Palm with ??? Megs of RAM?

I was a Palm guy from '97, had a Professional, then a Handspring Prism. I decided to go with a Toshiba e755 PocketPC because of the M$ compatibility issues - how cool was it to take a Word document on my Mac and sync it to my PocketPC?

I switched back to a Palm - a T|X, basically because the Palm T|X does everything I want - wireless internet, Bluetooth, IR - and is much better compatibility-wise with my Mac. I hardly ever need to do soft or hard resets, and I’ve yet to lose data or programs in the past 4 months I’ve had it. My Toshiba, I had to soft/hard reset every few days or so.

Maybe it was my model of Toshiba but I had more problems with it than virtually any electronic device I’ve ever owned. I actually think it was one of the better ones available when I bought it. In my opinion the Palm is much more stable and much more reasonably priced.

Although I understand the Microsoft stuff to be improving, I still won’t touch it. I’ve used the Treo phones (phone+palm+wireless email) for a while now.

I tried a Hitachi device a few years ago (running Windows) and it was miserable. Nobody should have to reboot a few times a day to avoid the risk missing of phone calls.

Until a couple of days ago ,I was concurrently using both a Tungsten W and an iPaq ppc. As I was getting out of the car on Friday , the paq dropped on the tarmac , followed by the W ,and the screen on my ipaq looks like modern art now, till I get it replaced, while the W just got scuffed some more and never dropped the cell connection.

Its hard to give an unbiased opinion , in my case ,as I love the onboard keyboard of the W, while using the stylus and graffiti on the ipaq was a pain , reminded me why I switched from the palm pilot V, to the W.

One thing to do with amount of things a PPC can do over a palm , is that your battery life will be alot shorter, I have been reading that you can expect somewhere between 6-8 hours between required charging, depending on what you might end up using your device for.


i have gone from a handspring, to a treo 300, to a samsung I500, to the audiovox ppc 6600, and now the audiovox ppc 6700. I’ve used both Palm and PPC, and I can say I’m happy with either. It is nice that PPC does allow for more than one program to run at once. There is a lot more freeware applications out for Palm than PPC. I do love my combination device. For me it is impossible to remember to carry both a palm pilot and a phone, so carrying one device that does both works out great. I do have to soft reset maybe once a day or two, depending on how some programs interact. I’m staying more now with PPC because I’ve spend some money on some applications I’d rather not pay again for to get the palm version.

Palm is, I think, still better at doing more with less. my tungsten C’s processor (400Mhz) is often twice as fast as my dell axim’s (300Mhz) Palmpilots can also do just as well on half or less memory, I think, because they can make better use fo the flash rom and memory cards, and most palm programs seem to be smaller.

palms also, in my opinion, still have the advantage in variety of software available, however the pocketPC is easier to work with in some situations, because activesync is less temperamental (though also less flexible) than hotsync, and because it can work with native file formats and memory cards more easily. YMMV.

i’ve used ppc for several years now. depends on what u need it for.

for me, having a combo phone with a real pocket pc synching on line with the exchange server and my standard work files is a lifesaver.

personally i just don’t get the attraction of using seperate devices and software.

use the i-mate jam device and don’t have issues with soft reset. i would like a longer battery.

again, you should a k yourself why you w
nt a device and what the primary useage is for.