Pamela Anderson Doesn't Have Much Time To Live

ANDERSON recently told Howard Stern that because she has hepatitis C, she only has five to 10 years left to live and is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of her children.

Pam was seen swilling glogg (an alcoholic drink that Swedes drink at X-mas) on a Swedish TV show.

Health officals say people with Hepatitus should NOT drink alcohol. Is she risking her own health?

Well, I suppose if I only had 10 years to live, I might enjoy a glogg once and a while too.

I think this is a real shame, but I have a question - does Tommy Lee have Hep3 as well?

I guess Pam Anderson had better do as many Playboy Layouts as she can, since she’s not going to be here for very long.

I heard he is the one that gave it to her, actually. That’s just heresay though, no cite for you.

Also, actually does Kid Rock have Hep3 either?

As long as she keeps that up, I’m sure she’ll be dead a lot sooner. :rolleyes:

I don’t think I’d bet the farm she’s going to kick off in 10 years, even if she does really, truly, actually, no foolin’ have Hep. C
Long-term Consequences of HCV Infection

There’s alcohol in Swedish gløgg?

Doesn’t Naomi Judd have HepC?, that’s why she quit music and touring with Wynonna, like 20 years ago, and she’s still around.
But, I suspect NJ doesn’t have the lifestyle that Pam Anderson has. My observation is that PA doesn’t take very good of herself, and that’s why she will die in 5-10 years.

If her liver function tests have been coming back normal, she still has a healthy liver, despite having Hep C. I was diagnosed more than 10 years ago, I get checked every year, and my liver is fine. I’m not an expert on the disease, but I was told by two doctors that some people simply carry Hep C and never develop any symptoms. IOW, I’ll most likely die of something else.

I’m upset that Pamela is saying she’s going to die in ten years, because there are probably thousands of people diagnosed with Hep C who will panic and think that they are going to die too.

From what I’ve read about Naomi Judd, her disease progressed to where she had severe symptoms, and she had to retire. She’s doing okay now but probably doesn’t have the stamina for touring again.

I’m no expert, and everyone who has Hep C should pay attention to it and educate themselves, but it does seem like Ms. Anderson is being a bit melodramatic here.

And your INTERFERON with my good time!!


Well, then, she better hurry up and bone the last 10% of the men on the planet that she hasn’t already done!

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

Pam claims Tommy gave her the virus, but Tommy denies that he is infected.

On the Kid Rock front, they have reportedly broken off their engagement (as Tommy also has from his fiancee).

The two of them will end up together again. You watch!

If David can sue Liza for 10 mil because she gave him “headaches” during their marriage then Pam should have made a mint to have contracted Hep C from Tommy!

She’s certainly had her share of organs donated to her. Pity one of them wasn’t a liver.

Yup. And it’s glögg. The dasg through the O is for Norwegian and Danish, but they’re dropping it in favor of the two dots.

Glögg is basically glüwein, hot, spiced, sugared wein.

I saw a preview of the show, which is akin to the Man Show. They were trying to teach her to dance Swedish folk dances, which involves a lot of jumping up and down. I guess it took her ten minutes to figure out why…

If I’m not mistaken, Naomi Judd is in a remission of sorts. Seems I remember reading something about her claiming that medication and prayer has healed her.

As for Pam, I feel sorry for her. Yeah, she’s rich. She’s still considered hot. Married that loser Tommy, now she’s sick and all the money in the world can’t help her.

What is it like to live such an empty, shallow life? Has she ever read a book? Does she have any clue as to what the rest of the world … hell, the rest of the country … is like? Does she know any real people? Does she have any TRUE friends, or is she just surrounded by people interested in her only because she’s a celebrity.

I wouldn’t change places with her for the world.

…iced tea, spritzed onto the screen…out the nostrils, onto the keyboard…partner asks, “what’s so freakin’ funny”…unable to speak…can only point…can’t breathe…:smiley:

I sure wish I’d seen more evidence such as that presented in Astro’s post in the article about Ms. Anderson. And, if she does die prematurely, I hope the fact that she chose to treat her illness with ‘alternative medicines’ instead of real ones is prominently displayed in her obituaries, along with the survival rates for smarter sufferers who watch their lifestyle choices and follow the advice of actual doctors instead of ‘homeopathic’ :rolleyes: ones. But my guess is they won’t – probably her obits will be full of details about her “valiant fight” against her illness rather than the truth about her foolish choices. Meditation and prayer are fine, but Naomi Judd, whatever else you can say about her, was a nurse and I’m betting she used standard medical therapies (perhaps supplemented by mediatation and prayer) to drive the illness into remission. Personally, although I am almost always up for a laugh, the fact that Ms. Anderson can speak of “living… for the sake of her children…” in the same interview in which she speaks of her “homeopathic :rolleyes: doctor” and the “single remedy” that the quack made “specifically for [her]” makes me want to vomit so bad it beats back laughter.

Although, lieu’s comment would have been quite amusing if this wasn’t such a hot button topic for me.

No, no, no. You’ve got this all wrong.