"Pampered Chef" timer

I have searched all over the instruction booklet and the PChef website, to no avail. Help me out here, folks:

I have a Pampered Chef timer/thermometer, the kind with a probe, that is supposed to beep when the preset temperature is reached. In the space labeled “Probe Temp”, no numbers appear, but just “LL” or “HH”. Sometimes a temperature number will flash for a second, and then it goes back to the letters.

I figure LL means “low” and HH means “high” – that makes sense, right? – but why won’t the number to show? All the website told me was to try changing the battery, which I have done three times with no change in the display. I’m ready to chuck the thing out the window.

Any help?

The following assumes that a pampered chef timer works like every other temp probe I have ever used.
With the probe disconnected it should show low or LL. With the probe connected if it shows high or HH it probably has a shorted probe. There are two issues with these probes. First off the probe has a upper temp limit of under 400 F (392 IIRC) above that the wires inside the metal shielding melt together and short. Secondly, the probe is not water proof, they should never be submerged in water. When washing one of these probes, only get the tip wet, never dump the entire thing in the sink.
It sounds like you need a new probe. FWIW almost all of these units are made by the same company so shop for price. You can sometimes find them on the net for $5-10.