Panasonic plasma: price too good from this vender?

I have been researching the TH-42PX60U and saw the set listed for under $1200 new from and figure there has to be a catch…

anyone have thoughts on this? I figure VISA would back my purchase…

Catch… outside of the fact that they’re a 2 year old company located in Greece?

I was thinking this was one of those sketchy operations from Brooklyn, I never thought Greece.

Ah yes, the Grecian technology industry, soon to supplant Japan as the world leader in cutting edge electronics…

Maybe they mean Panaphonic? Do they also carry Magnetbox and Sorny?

Way to good to be true. They are offering it below what MAJOR buyers like Bestbuy, Circuit City, and Wal-mart can get it for WHOLESALE. No way its legit. Not for a new, working television.

fwiw, I sent a query through their on-line support form asking them to validate the price and counter my fear that this price is too low to be real… i will post any reply I get…

First google hit on “” (search for website that contain this term.)

From the administrator of

Here’s a link to the Google hits, FYI

Always, always, always, Google your reseller if you’ve never heard of them. Also, as trite as it may be, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. The usual scam with the Brooklyn shops is the bait-and-switch. Or they’ll offer you a camera body for a surprisingly low price and then charge you up the ass for stuff it’s supposed to come with (like batteries, straps, etc.) and if you don’t bite, the camera will be out-of-stock.

These Greek guys, though, just seem to be plain ol’ crooks.

I can’t believe these guys are Greeks, they are probably just using a Greece based address to throw people off. One way to tell something is off, when registering as a member, I put FUCK YOU and variations of on each line, and the only error message I got was that I did not chose a US state. And they have a newsletter! Whoever has will be getting it.

thanks… i tried to Google them but used “Electro Domi” with a space in it…

I’m pretty cautious, so I appreciate the feedback, but I was not about to order anything from them without extensive validation and research, and love being a SDMB member for help with things like these!

it was too good a price not to ask!

How much does a Grecian Earn.?

With the Greek reference, I wouldn’t be surprised, conflating Pan and Persephone.

The audio sounds a bit fluty, and you have to keep it in the basement for half the year.

Ooh, ooh, I know this one.

A: Poke him in the eye with a sharp stick!

What do I win?

Gene Frenkle is referring to an episode of The Simpsons where they went to an outlet mall to buy a new TV:

Homer: [gasps] Look at these low, low prices on famous brand-name electronics!
** Bart**: Don’t be a sap, Dad. These are just crappy knock-offs.
Homer: Pfft. I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it. And look, there’s Magnetbox and Sorny.

Thanks to The Simpsons Archive