Panasonic TV commercial..installation.

There is a commercial for a panasonic TV that offers $300 off installation.

How could a TV cost that much to install let alone enough to give you $300 off?

Here ya go.

One model is $3000 and the other is $4300.

Unless things have changed radically since the days I had a TV set, installation consists of plugging it into a power socket and either a cable box or antenna outlet. Why would they be able to charge hundreds of dollars for doing that?

I’m talking about the cost of installation.

Why so much to install?

I’m thinking that the major work is to mount it to the wall. Then there is the setup for possibly the STB, DVD player, PVR and the surround sound system.

That would be my guess. Something that expensive you aren’t just gonna plug in to the wall and start watching. I’m sure there’s lots of settings to fiddle with.

If it’s actually for installation (and not just delivery) then the high price is probably due to the bracket. They are quite expensive (BTW I didn’t pick this bracket on purpose, it’s just the first one that came up when I searched on for “plasma bracket”). I’ve always wondered why they were so expensive myself. I paid several hundred dollars for mine and is very sturdy but still seems expensive. I can only assume it’s more to cover thier costs if one of them fails and drops a $7000 TV on to $5000 worth of components.

It also might include calibration. Adjusting the contrast / brightness / color temperature etc.


Or maybe hooking up the new TV to all the other components you have?

It is for having a professional installer do the entire room (see here )