Panel mount caller ID?

A what? Yeah, kinda old technology at this point, but I am building a custom line box and I would like to have a caller ID display in it. A panel mount would be perfect, but from what I can tell there doesn’t seem to be any such thing.

I really don’t need a memory function, or any of the “Forward, Back, Delete” functions, just a real time ID. I realize I will probably have to settle for a cheapy old regular unit, so be it.

In that case I need one with the smallest vertical dimension I can find to fit in my project box. I have found a couple with the buttons off to the side, that is the best so far.


I’m not quite sure what your question is, but Radio Shack and many others made standalone CID boxes over the years (before it became integrated into pretty much every phone). The tech hasn’t changed. You should be able to pick up several kinds on eBay or surplus outlets, and see if the guts can be re-fitted into your desired case.

I searched for “rack mount” caller ID and found this…

That rack mount is sweet, but this is a 5 x 7 inch project box. My previous experience with mass produced consumer electronics of any kind makes it doubtful that the display portion can be neatly removed and installed in another panel. So I will just mount the entire caller ID box in the end panel, but it is only 2" high.

This is going to be a wireless remote control disconnect for my land line that I can switch on and off from wherever I am in the room. Works great, I just want to add a display. Now if I could only get the display in the remote control…


I have decades of experience doing both scratch and “repurpose” design of this kind, and I am pretty sure that if you buy two or three different styles of CID box cheap, at least one will let you pull the guts out neatly and remount them in a project box. I’ve done this with other kinds of commercially-made phone gear. It tends not to be glued and “case built” like modern gear, but has all the components separate, wired together inside a case with snap mounts for the parts. Open, unsnap, and go. (Some might be harder than others, which I why I suggest you snag a few different types.)

I can’t quite figure out the point, except to… shut off the phone if it’s someone you don’t want to talk to? Wouldn’t a simple wireless phone system put all that function in your hand without needing to craft something?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll see how it goes. It probably would not preserve the functions of the buttons since they tend to fit in the front panels and just rest on touch pads, but I don’t really need them anyway.

The handset can’t do want I want it to do, I want to completely disconnect the phone at times. They make nice wired units to do just this, but I need wireless.