Panic! At the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Do we have any fans here? I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t to have a listen.

I like the album - a lot. I can be a little obsessive about hearing something, sometimes. With this particular album, three years ago I spent a month visiting my family for Christmas break. Whenever the family wasn’t doing anything I’d play Avernum and loop this album. I would say, at a minimum, I listened to it 3 times a day, for a month straight.

I love the themes and messages of the album - which I’ll discuss if anyone is interested.

The album is split, thematically, with the first half of the album being electronic instruments, and the second half being classic instruments.

The lead singer’s voice tends to inspire either love or hate with the listener and nothing in between.

The album received mostly negative reviews from critics. I think they missed something.


All of the actual songs (i.e. with singing) are at least good if not spectacular. It’s probably in my top 5 favorite albums ever if you weight this solidness heavily. It’s got great rock, great guitar work, great singing, and great lyrics.

It’s so solid that my favorite song on the album changes. If I just want to rock out I listen to the first two songs, if I want to be bitter I listen to Build God, then We’ll Talk, or …but It’s Better, and if I want to be poignant I listen to the only track ever which was actually made better by Autotune, Nails for Breakfast.

I’m in the “love the singing” camp, of course. I can’t relate to a lot of the lyrics especially in the later half of the album but that doesn’t prevent them from telling a great story.

Hijack: have you heard the Young Veins? I haven’t but I think they have potential because of the obvious lacking in the guitar section once the guitarist quit Panic. I was wondering if he reproduced the same magic with the Young Veins.

Funny story about Time To Dance. Even though it is fairly electronic, the writing seems like it was originally created on the acoustic guitar rather than the piano like a lot of songs. So I thought that they might play an acoustic version in concert. I also thought that before the song, the singer might introduce the song, but in a coy way because everyone knows it, and say something like “I need some help with this one. When I say shotgun, you say…well, you know.”

They did play it, and both things happened EXACTLY like I predicted. I shouldn’t go to concerts any more after that prediction because I’ve seen everything!

Sage face, eh, Ludovic? Nothing new under the sun! I love it when things like that unravel. I would definitely agree that the subject matter is only fleetingly connected to my life and that limits its impact.

I haven’t heard the Young Veins yet, so I will give them a try!

I think a lot of people would like this album if they would give it a listen. Unfortunately I think the band was quickly written off as an emo, one-hit-wonder.