Panic Room Review (Spoilers)

So I saw “Panic Room” last night. First off, who has a panic room? Maybe the bathroom after Taco Bell but otherwise…

I don’t like movies where I can outsmart the characters. If I am one of the thieves, the first thing I do is smash the cameras. They’re as big as day! Second, Jodie Foster sticks her arm in a vent being pumped full of gas (blowing in her face), lights it and manages to come away unharmed? Come one…

They are S.O.S.-ing the next door neighbor with a flashlight. It wakes him up and he comes to the window to look out. They STOP and start yelling for help. He’s across the yard, in the middle of a loud rainstorm and there’s a thick pane of glass between you. OK, now I’m rooting for the crooks.

Jodie manages to hardwire the phone line. It’s a good thing that when she ripped a hole in the wall the exact line she needed was clearly marked with a big picture of a phone on it. Who marks a line in the middle of a wall?

Jodie Foster gets a cell phone but shock guess what Jodie. a cell phone won’t work when you’re fully encased in 3 inch steel. Try putting it out the hole in the wall that leads outside and I’ll bet you get a signal. Is this movie over yet?

So Jodie finally manages to get revenge and hits “Raul” full in the face with a sledge hammer, knocking him over a railing and down one story in a stairwell. What’s this? Our bad guy isn’t dead? Not even a broken face? He still manages to crawl up the stairs and fight Jodie (who by the way still has the sledge hammer but “misses”). Hard to hit a guy crawling up the stairs , eh?

The ending also sucked. The movie ends with our “good thief” getting caught. There is a close up on Jodie’s face and the music heightens. Something big’s about to happen. What has Jodie realized. What is the fate of the good thief? Fade to… Jodie and daughter in a park scoping their next pad. Lame…

Any addtional comments from someone who has seen this?

i haven’t seen it yet, but having seen the trailers, i wouldn’t waste a dime on this movie, even if it seems to be getting favorable reviews. this has got to be one of the stupidest and lamest premises i have ever heard of for a suspense movie.

Agreed on all the points you raised, Ummm (Can I call you "Ummm?), except one…

My idea was to use some of that wire that she had in abundance in there to make an antenna that she could dangle outside the pipe- that way she wouldn’t have to stick the phone outside into the rain, and could talk on it easily.

Oh, and one other thing- propane is actually HEAVIER than air, Hollywood!

Oh yeah… and there were actually MREs in that box of supplies. Probably would’ve helped with the daughter’s diabetes, you know?

Good point. You’d figure someone that’s anal enough to build one of those rooms would also include a Snickers bar or at the very least some Gobstoppers. MRE’s must not have sugar?!:o

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