Panicked! For a while yesterfay, I thought I might have been banned from the SDMB

When I cam onto the boards last night, the pages looked a little different, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I opened an existing thread, decided to add a comment and…

there was no reply button.

So I went back to the thread list and re-opened the thread. Same deal. The thread was still opened, I couldn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to post. So I went back to the forum and saw


I wandered around several forums and threads trying to find a way to post. It seemed my communications privileges had been revoked. I saw that the top right of the page said “Welcome, Boyo Jim”, and I had a log-out but not a log-in option. So “it” (the server?, software?, whatever) knew who I was, and wouldn’t let me post. Then I did a vanity search trying to figure out WTF I might have done to get me banned without warning. :smack: :confused: Nothing came up.

And then I thought I probably couldn’t even BE logged in if I was banned. And finally I thought to click on the “forum tools” link and learned I could still start a new thread. But I still couldn’t reply within a thread, as there isn’t an option for it among the “thread tools” list.

So I relaxed, and figured something was just screwed up. And low and behold, my normal REPLY and NEW THREAD buttons are back today.

For a while there I felt opressed – in some kind of internet Gulag. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time this happens, ctrl-F5.

You have taken my whirlwind of emotions and series of rational thought processes and compacted them to atwo keystrokes response! That is efficient beyond my wildest imagining! :smiley:

yep, many a horrible day has been saved by pressing ctrl-f5. :smiley:

Thanks for the ctrl-F5 suggestion. Now if this had been in ATMB everything would be hunkie dory. :wink:

Inform this Mac user what the heck Control-F5 does on your PC?

I thinks it’s a refresh? I just do F5 by itself with explorer.

Think of it as Super Refresh. Sometimes F5 alone will just reload the page from the cache, but CTRL-F5 makes it go to the server and get a new copy of the page.

Well son of a gun… not only does it also work in Opera, but it seems to have refreshed all the open windows.

My computer gets slow and cranky sometimes and just doesn’t want to load the graphics. Not that it’s slow loading the graphics, it just doesn’t want to load them at all. So I read and read and read, and I go to reply to something, and there’s no button. It’s been good for quite a few WTF moments.

Yeah, but F5 alone will refresh an eBay page, as well as others with current information. I use it all the time when I’m watching an auction in the last few minutes… I assume that when I get the current info from a page with F5, that it is indeed going to the server to get the latest information.

Got a message a couple of days ago that said I’d been banned. Actually it said my IP address had been banned. Since I use dial-up and don’t have a permanent IP I figured it was a normal SNAFU and sent an email. Got it cleared up, but it is very frustrating.

Control F5 made my boss walk by and pick the underwear out of his butt. Yep, there it just did it again.

I wonder what this one doe