Panty Protest

This was one of the protests during the RNC. [sub]Warningtakes too long to load.[/sub]

Oh well, it sounded like a good idea. :smiley:

You really need better looking women to pull something like that off.

No complaints about the women. Hell no.

–but pink and green should never be seen.


Ehhhh. Their panties actually covered up everything, so all you saw was a lot of thigh. Thigh isn’t that great.

I did get a minor chuckle out of the slogan on the panties of the woman in the second pic down, “My cherry for Kerry”.
And is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the other woman in that picture stuck a button on her panties? Presumably one of those buttons with the sharp pointy part!

“Pull something like that off”…panties…huh huh huh…


You need a better internet connection. The page loaded instantly for me.

As far as I am out in the boonies, I’m lucky to get the internet. :smiley:
[sup]Is it just me or does that one chick look like Dennis Rodman?[/sup]

Rush Limbaugh said not one of the protesters carried an American flag. I guess he’s wrong. :smack: