Paper Tiger?

Is there a significance to the term ‘paper tiger?’ I’ve never heard it before, but I noticed that both Spoon’s Kill the Moonlight and Beck’s Sea Change* have songs titled Paper Tiger, and they’re not the same song.

I doubt one could be a reference to the other, since they were released August 20, 2002, and September 24, 2002, respectively, and the reference would be a bit too obscure anyway.

Both great songs, BTW. :slight_smile:

Paper Tiger The phrase originated with Mao Tse-tung’s description of the government of the United States as appearing powerful but actually being weak.

Leading, of course, to George Plimpton’s stint as a Paper Lion.

Cool site, thanks for the link! Would a Papermache Prince be something similar? :wink:

Not that it has any significance with those songs, but a Paper Tiger is also a tool you use to loosen wallpaper when you’re removing it. You roll it over the paper and it ‘bites’ little pieces out of it so you can pull it off more easily. Hence the word, Paper Tiger.