Parasite removal in humans - dog chemicals?

Assuming you had a parasitic infection, could you use the “Spot on” stuff you apply to your dog or cat’s skin? Just curious …


Some antiparasitic drugs such as ivermectin are used both in human medicine and in veterinary use, so it is theoretically possible. That said, these drugs are toxic and it is crucial to get the correct dosage.

It’s the sort of thing where if you’re writing postapocalyptic fiction, it is a plausible thing for your characters to do but in real life you need to see a doctor and get human meds.

I was just reading how some so called volunteers (paid volunteers… can I call them that ? ) testing the safety of a drug, at 1% of its planned dose, got very very sick… it had had been tested on animals.

Oh today a cannabis analogue test has put 6 in hospital, one is apparently diagnosed as unrecoverable… merely not yet declared dead.
Human skin is much different to the dogs and cats, so I don’t think its wise.
Also , Imidacloprid is thought to affect the nicotine receptors in the human body, and this may lead to an addiction response… unwise to get addicted to a nerve agent !.

I have seen online discussions where people with self-diagnosed and likely delusional parasitosis talk about obtaining antiparasitic drugs at feed stores and similar places that stock veterinary drugs (since their physicians won’t prescribe human antiparasitic drugs for nonexistent conditions).

In this situation, using veterinary drugs and guessing at a proper dose is futile and dangerous.

Also, aren’t the topical drugs given to animals oil based and dependent on a fur coat to spread the medicine and keep it from rubbing off?

Well, I guess you could put it on your T-shirt…

human drugs all start out with animal testing but it’s mostly rats and mice.

Go see your Doctor and get safe treatment for the correct diagnosis

Thank you all for your comments.

I was just curious, based on something someone said on Facebook. I don’t have parasites (or I’m happy with the ones I have).
I’m starting to think that the people who think they have (or might have) parasites are the same ones with undiagnosed tiredness etc looking for the cause.

Thanks again.


Partly, yes. They have a lipid layer that remains undisturbed, which is what the medication spreads into. The fur helps. We don’t have the same consistent layer, plus we wash ours off all the time.