Parent Groups of children

Should Parent Groups of Children lobby to advertisers to discontinue sponsoring TV shows that they feel are inappropriate?

I ask this because, I have been watching a show on FX called Nip/Tuck, and Parent Groups are getting sponsors to quit advertising because of the language and content, more adult in nature than other TV shows, that I can think of. This show is on at 10:00 PM, when kids should be in bed, and I can watch a more adult show than Cartoons or Disney. I could see if this show was on during Prime Time 7:00 or 8:00, when kids are up and watching TV.

I just hope that this show will be able to get/keep sponsors and the show stays on, because it is a good show.

What do you think?

If you think a show is inappropriate for your children, don’t let them watch it.


Nielsens are more likely to keep a show going/not going, than if a few sponsors pull their ads.

Parents let their kids watch South Park. Nuff said.

My sentiment exactly,

I don’t let my daughter stay up that late, and even if I did, she wouldn’t be watching Nip/Tuck, because of the content. I think parents - not the parent groups should do their job, for themselves.

Link, please?