Parents, this isn't the way you want your kid to become the CALSTAR poster child.

CALSTAR is a helicopter rescue service.

Noah is my step-son. I told his mother, my ex, that even though he seems to be able to survive these things, we might not. This isn’t the first trip to a trauma center for him.

Thanks to all the people like those at CALSTAR, he’s still with us, though.


Thanks for posting this. It’s wonderful to read something with a happy ending. It’s also wonderful to read how much you obviously care for your step-son, even though his mother is your “ex”.

Thanks, stellar7, I seldom even use the term STEP except when I think it’s needed for clarity. After raising them for 15 years or more, blood line has little significance. And for that matter, my “ex” is still one of my favorite people.

But to the point, yes, it is great when the ending is a happy one. He spent 6 days in the hospital, a week with his mom and now he’s back at his house. And in reasonably good shape considering.

Jim, how terrifying! Thank God, and the CALSTAR team, that he is out of the woods and recuperating. He’s had that good help, and I know he has an exceptional (step)Dad to help him further heal up. My best prayers to y’all. {{{Jim & Noah}}}

Noah. Hmmm. Seems I’ve heard you mention him before. Is this the one with the flat tire, the one with the work truck, or another one of your kids?

Glad to hear his doing fine.

Grace, Noah is the one the put the permanent scar in the pine tree next to the driveway by hitting it in a friends rental car at about 70 mph before he had a drivers license.

Noah is the one that was with David when David was having a fight with his girl friend and she threw a beer bottle at him. David ducked and the bottle hit Noah in the mouth. Two broken teeth and cut his lip all the way thru.

Noah is the one that skipped school and was riding with a friend and ended up having a wreck, luckily they were going backwards when they were hit by the van after crossing the median at over 100 mph.

That was when he got taken to Parkland trauma center. …
The parent’s worst nightmare, “This is the fire department rescue unit, we need your permission to transport your child to the Parkland Trauma Center”

I’m not sure which “Noah” story you’ve heard. There are plenty. He’s a survivor. But I’m sure plenty of these grey hairs are directly attributable to him.

And thank you for your prayers, Elelle. He’s a good kid. I’d really like it if he tried a little harder to hang around for a while.

Maybe he’s just a risk-taker, Jim. My brother is like that, and has just about used up his nine lives, most last on an idiotic 120 mph motorcycle wreck. He always was that, and guess always will be, but amazingly rose above it and still managed to graduate three months after the wreck with an MBA, in a wheelchair.

Sometimes ya just gotta be there for the wing-dings, when they fly on off. Now, he’s up and about, you can’t even tell he was in a wrewck that bad. He’s got some kinda weird karma; he’s dodged Death so many times, and always laughs it off. Bless my sweet little brother.

I don’t know whether a risk-taker or just the recipient of bad luck. But he too has dodged death a few times.

My heart leaped up into my throat as I was reading that, Jim dear. You’ve told me so much about him, I feel like I know him already. But I had to chuckle at what he insisted his name was. I haven’t heard that song in too many years; my mom taught it to me and my brothers. I have already said a quick prayer of thanksgiving, that he will be fine.

Are you sure he isn’t part cat? :wink:

{{{{{{Jim & Noah}}}}}}

Purpp, he may very well be part cat. If so he a very clumsy one and he doesn’t have a lot of lives left.

giggles You do have a point there, hon. Maybe he will change.

Nah. Something tells me he won’t. shakes head slowly at the assumed immortality of youth