Parents - would you sacrifice SOMEONE ELSE'S life for your child?


Yes absolutely. China or one of my daughters? Hmm, I take obvious things for $100 Alex.

So genocide is perfectly fine when it comes to your kids?

You’d happily turn into hitler, stalin, whatever other evil scum of the earth the world (and humanity) has had the misfortune to bear, for your kid?

Jeebus Horatio Christ! Save me!

What do I look like, your mother? :smiley:

Hmmm, which invites the question, WOULD my mom kill off the entire world for me? honestly, I would be hurt if she didn’t at least lie and said yes :slight_smile: But I would hope in actuality she would let me friggin die rather than kill some innocent people for my sake! Wouldn’t you?

I am not really opposed to genocide in general as long as it doesn’t affect me or my family. It is a simple fact of sociobiology and human nature as well as a recurring theme in human history. It is going on all over the world right now and there isn’t enough news space to cover it all. A lot of it is sub-optimal and even cruel but it isn’t like it will ever go away. Given that, I might as well have a turn for my purposes some time.

BTW, this deal is way sweeter than having to sacrifice myself for my child. This is what you call a win-win.

Probably, but dying myself is far preferable to letting one of my kids die. (It’s weird, I even feel that way about the crabby one.)

So this is likely a hard wired evolutionary trait, makes since. But then am I lacking some sort of survival gene? Do I have a HTHP (hippie-treehuggin-pacifist) gene? Will I ::wide eyes:: become extinct?

Seriously, we all have hard wired evolutanary response systems. I thoguht morality was about overcoming at least some of those?

For those of you who would commit attrocities in the name of your kids:

Is there any part of you that tells you such an action would be evil - wrong, wahatever? Or is it 100% the correct thing to do in your heart of hearts?

If we later found out that hitler only killed of jews and tried to take over the world because someone had his daughter locked up in a basement and demanded that he did these things, would you feel sorry for him? Sympathise?

No way. I said in the other thread that I would trade my own life for my child’s, and I would, gladly and without a second thought. But committing murder to save them doesn’t strike me as the same thing, at all.

Yes. I would.

In a heartbeat.

You are trying to make a simple question overly complex, Kinthalis. My daughter is more important to me than the entire population of, say, Australia. Why wouldn’t I sacrifice the Aussies for her?

Hell, I would kill some close friends and family members to protect my kids.

A Stranger? Line them up.

I once did some things with the intention of killing another human being, in order to spare a different human being mental anguish. I didn’t, and I got better, I suppose, but really…

My kids>everyone else.

I don’t have kids, but I suspect that I’d kill some innocent person to make sure they’d live. Maybe a few. But I’d have to be faced with that. If I were attacked, or in a war scenerio, I’d definitely kill an “enemy” to defend my immediate family and even close friends. I think my parents would kill an innocent person to protect ther kids. My husband’s dad definitely would not kill anyone, ever, but I think his mom could kill some innocent people to protect her kids.

I don’t think I could live with myself afterward, though, and I wouldn’t want anyone to murder to save me. It’s disturbingly comforting to know that someone might, though.

Nuking an entire country, I don’t know. I hope not. It also disturbs me to think that I just might be capable of it. I know it would be evil. Even while I was doing any of these things, even caught up in the adrenaline, I’d know it was evil. I can see how someone would do it anyway, and that’s the horrible thing. It goes right down to the core. You protect your pack. Humans…we’re pretty nasty fuckers, on the whole.

ETA: I suppose I should add, torture or slow deaths of any kind, I wouldn’t. I don’t think even to protect my kids. Quick clean death? Yes, I would.

There are a lot of things and people that are more important to me than others.

But there is something inside me, something innate that tells me uniquivocally that I have absolutely no right whatsoever to take other people’s lives to protect those things. That doing so is evil, wrong, just simply not to be done. Even for my own kid. It’s almost alien to me to hear some of you say you wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.

This is of course, as the OP stated about INNOCENT people. I’m not talking about soldiers trying to murder my kid, or the kidnappers themselves. No, this about killing the little girl next door to save mine.

Nope, sorry, but I just wouldn’t do it.

They are silly because people’s answers are bullshit. It’s one thing to say you would sacrifice someone else for your child. It’s quite another to actually have them there in front of you.

It also depends on the circumstances. Trying to decide between giving the last parachute to your child or a stranger is different than having a gun held to your child’s head and forced to shoot someone. And at what point do you venture into cheerleader’s crazy mom country?

Sacrifice a stranger’s life for my kid? God no, the decision would be torture.

In fact, that is the reason a lot of action movie scenes leave a bad taste in my mouth. The hero rescues the cute little blond girl, and in doing so leaves behind him:
-a trail of security guards with slit throats,
-a couple of deadly boobytrapped pursuer’s cars,
-and who knows how many innocent bystanders hurt or killed in the ensuing spectacular car chase and wild exchange of gun-fire.

No. Just no.

No. Murdering someone else in order to save your kid’s life is an entirely different prospect. I don’t think my kid wants a murderer for a mother. I’d sacrifice myself, of course, but I don’t have the right to force others to do that.

Unless of course the person I’m killing is holding a gun to her head. Then he’s got to go, but that’s not murder–it’s defense.

Heh…I like this answer.

Still, I’ve gotta say I’m utterly baffled by the responses. Wiping out entire nations for your child?!?

The people of Australia don’t matter to me. I value my daughter. So it’s simple. Do I preserve the life of a person who matters to me or do I preserve the lives of X number of people who do not? We don’t even have to bother with doing any math. No number of people who don’t matter to me will ever equal, much less exceed, my daughter’s value. So it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about one stranger or a whole continent full of them.
Further, there’re many, many people who I do value that I value less than my daughter. Put the decision in my hands who must die and I’ll send them down to darkness as well.

Is everyone who is saying yes imagining some kind of hostage-exchange hypothetical or “decide who to the throw the life preserver to” situation?

The scenario I keep envisioning is that you don’t have the money to pay for a potentially life-saving medical treatment for your child. That actually seems like a plausible situation that people in this thread might have to go through someday. And what I am reading here is that a lot of you would be willing to, say, invade a home and kill a whole family in order to rob their safe and get the money. And that’s really freaking me out, I have to say.