Park with statues of America's most notorious historical characters. Marketable concept?

As a hypothetical let’s say as the result of an inheritance you have 100 acres and few spare billion to do with as you please.

Let’s say the concept is to have statues of notorious characters in US history and a plaque to xplain why they are considered “notorious”. In this Notorious Park would not just be criminals but people who were aggressively on the wrong side of history, or had some huge ethical lapse in their careers, or who promoted false and damaging information in the face of common sense and scientific fact.

Orientation would be mainly 1900 forward with a smattering of earlier historical figures. There would be strong attempt to be even handed in assigned notoriety across the political spectrum.

Who would you put in this park?

Could it make money as a popular destination?
As some examples

Harry Carrico The judge who affirmedthe Loving v Virginia decision

Bernie Madoff

Lester Maddox

Bill Clinton

Cecil Jacobsen

Dan Rostenkowski

Jenny McCarthy

Charles Kuralt

I think a rogues gallery is marketable. But a huge parcel of real estate close enough to a population center to draw a steady stream of visitors is a pretty expensive baseline. Make it a wax museum and we’ll talk.

Senator Anthony Wiener JUST has to be in there somewhere.

I’m thinking of it more as highway attraction kind of thing, not necessarily in the middle of a large urban area.

I was actually imagining something likethe Memento Park outside of Budapest (full of old Communist-era statues and stuff), except one filled with statues of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and other assorted Confederates.

I suppose it might be interesting in the same kind of way that the Memento Park is. Not so much a commemoration, but rather a kind of historical exhibit of a rather dark period.

(I saw the Memento Park in early January one year; it was completely snowy, overcast and bleak. It seemed appropriate weather to see that kind of thing.)

Dennis Hastert

Andrew Wakefield needs to be there if you open it up to British honorees.

Norman Borlaug

OK I scanned through the wiki. He seems to be the closest thing to a humanitarian/scientist super hero I’ve ever seen. What did I miss? What’s your beef with him?

A lot of people feel that Borlaug’s solutions for world hunger are setting us up for a much larger crisis. Increased agriculture is sustained by fertilizer which is made from the world’s finite supply of fossil fuel. At some point, we’ll run low on fossil fuel and no longer be able to sustain our current crop output.

So the argument is that if we can only feed two billion people on a sustainable basis without intensive fertilizer use, we should have stayed with that. Instead, we’ve been using fertilizer and the population is approaching eight billion. When we run out of fertilizer, the population will fall from eight billion or more back down to two billion. And “fall” isn’t really an adequate word to describe the chaos of three quarters of the people in the world dying.

Well… that should make for an interesting plaque on his statue. “He refused to let people in arid regions starve and keep their numbers down as nature intended”.

And that’s better than enabling the starvation of several times as many?

Besides, there are alternatives. Nobody is pro-starvation.

It might make a great theme park attraction, but only for a very select few of the Uber Rich.

Q: How much would it cost per ticket to fly a “Blue Thunder” style Apache across the park twice a day & blow each statue to hell for the honor of high score…?

“Why starve millions when you can starve billions?”

Or, just as a suggestion, not starve anyone. Instead of encouraging people to have more children by temporarily increasing the food supply, how about encouraging people to have fewer children so the existing food supply can feed everyone?

Possibly a billion more people on this planet competing for a dwindling number of resources heading toward ‘Peak [Whatever]’ because of one man.

Wow… this has to be the ultimate “no good deed”.

On a separate note here since my father was a project director for USAID agricultural support and education activities in in the 60’s in the Sahel region and elsewhere in the developing world & and was directly involved in trying to save and better the lives of these resource draining undesirables I really don’t have much sympathy with the “Earth population will collapse. Billions will die!” wankfests. These predictions have been made forever and somehow never seem to materialize.

The Baltic states aren’t known for their love of communism, so Stalin’s World was very controversial.

No, they should make a park for him called “Britain’s Greatest Hero Park.” Admission should be free. And as soon as all his fans pay homage, the gates should be shuttered so that they can keep all their sickness to themselves.

Sounds like Mad’s Get It Out Of Your System Land, written by Sy Reit back in Mad #141 (March 1971);_ylt=A0LEV1jehd1WqJkAblhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0djUyaTg2BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE3NTdfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=“get+it+out+of+your+system+land”&fr=yfp-t-201&fr2=piv-web#id=0&

It had cutouts of famous villains from history that you could get your photo taken with (including “Sy Reit”)

What “undesireables”? Nobody except you has said anything like that. You’re the only person who seems unconcerned about the death of several billion people, which you’re dismissing as a “wankfest”.