Parker Quartet

For my birthday, I popped down to Grand Marais to attend a concert by the Parker Quartet. Wow! They were extraordinary! Four virtuosi of a single mind when interpreting the music, each bringing out the best in the others. Exhilarating, exhausting, and deeply satisfying.

Here’s a youtube linkto them, but as you know, no recording compares to being only a few feet away. At the conclusion of the concert, many people had tears in their eyes, and difficulty expressing themselves. GRAMMY WINNERS Parker String Quartet plays Ligeti for NAXOS records - YouTube

Here’s a link to their website:

Terrific, thanks for that. I hope to catch them live somewhere, sometime. Meanwhile, maybe I’ll check out how they interpret those great Bartok quartets on their recording.

ETA: When I saw the thread title, I assumed this was about some Charlie Parker tribute jazz band! (A la Charlie Watts’ sometimes combo.)

Yeh, what’s with “Parker” when it comes to quartets: Parker Quartet, Charlie Parker Quartet, Jason Parker Quartet, William Parker Quartet, Jane Parker Quartet?

Omaha, 19 Feb.?