Parking in Suburbia, or Are My Neighbors Inconsiderate Jerks?

APRICOT, you are seriously wicked. But I like it.

Streets belong to everyone. Sorry. Sounds like they are rude, but not for that particular reason.

The houses on my street have short driveways and no garages for the most part. My neighbors and their guests often park in front of my house, but it doesn’t bother me. But my neighbors are, for the most part, nice folks.

I’d just try to let it go if I were you. I can see that why it annoys you, but they sound like they’re not interested in being neighborly and are unlikely to change.

Absolutely agree. I mean, don’t be totally obvious about it by parking there every day for no reason, but occassionally parking in front of their house for a few hours will both make the thoughtless people think, and find out if they have any legitimate reasons for parking in front of your place. Ideally, have people over to make it look more innocent.

In one instance, I’m the offender. I go over my buddy’s house very often (X). His family has three people and 4 cars. Their next door neighbor two doors down (I) sometimes parks their SUV in the street. Two doors down the OTHER way (M), I park. The neighbor between those two (K) has two people and two cars. Sometimes they park in the driveway, sometimes they don’t. Long story short, I park in the first available spot I see. Sure, I could drive up to I and scope everything out and park accordingly, but I really don’t care too much. I’m the kind of person that takes the first spot he sees at the mall, regardless of distance (hey, I’m gonna be walking around a lot IN the mall, right?) What cars are in what spots/driveways change every day as well. I park in the first static spot.
By the way, neighbor M (whose house I park in front of) parks their cars in their driveway/garage.

I guess I’m just not a nice guy, but if my across-the-street neighbor were in the habit of parking his just-washed-and-waxed vehicle in front of my yard and it was irritating me, I’d probably get in the habit of watering my lawn just about the same time, but with the sprinkler just a wee bit mis-aligned so that the street caught quite a bit of the water.

I might even plant a few flowers along the curb for plausible deniability.

And if I were feeling really out-of-sorts, I might put up a bird feeder nearby, along with some containers of raspberries and blueberries.

Just start using your sprinklers.

Wash-n-shine man isn’t going to want his car getting all water marked.

This is brilliant. If there’s a tree overhanging the space in question, hang the feeder in the tree. If there’s no tree, erect a tall feeder at the curb so that it kind of protrudes out over the space.

You are all children. You don’t water your lawn. You mow the lawn. Over gravel.

Seriously, you don’t own the space in front of your house. Let it go. They probably have kids who are drivers. At one point, we had five cars for our three bedroom house and took up three spots at the curb on a regular basis. But it didn’t last. Within 5 years, we were all grown up and gone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that their choice of parking spaces is at all rude. It’s a public street. Maybe if they seemed to be doing it to annoy you on purpose, but that’s not the case.

I totally don’t understand why they bother, though. They obviously have off-street parking for the vehicles, since they take them off the street at night. Why bother shuffling them around on the street and then moving them every day? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

For all of those who think the neighbors are not rude.

Assume you are in the similar situation. You need to park one car on the street most of the day to allow other cars in and out of your drive/garage. It is essentially equally easy for you to park it either in front of your home, or in front of a neighbor’s.

How do you choose where to park it? Note, this isn’t a situation where the car is OCCASIONALLY parked in front of the neighbor - it is there ALL day EVERY day.

Now, assume the neighbor informed you that - for whatever reason - they would prefer that you park in front of your own home. How do you respond and why?

No, your neighbor does not own the street. But IMO, just because you CAN do something, to contnue to do something that you know bothers your neighbor is rude.

So, if another neighbor could drive down another street, but the sight and sound of his ugly old car driving down *your street * annoyed you, he’d be rude?

It’s not “your” street, the space on the street is not yours, it belongs to the public. Not counting various local parking regs, anyone can park there anytime, whether they live in that house or in another state even. The fact that your neighbor is excercising his rights on a public street happens to annoy you is *your * problem, not his.

Based on what you’ve described, your neighbors are inconsiderate jerks.

However, if there is no law against it, your either going to have to do some preventive maintenance (trees, bird feeders, sprinklers, etc.,) or let it go. If it is against the law, then call the cops. (this will not make you a neighborhood favorite, however.)

I have a similar situation, so I know where your agitation comes from. My neighbor seems to have a party every other day. And they always have their guests park in front of my house. Now I wouldn’t mind so much if:

  1. he let me know that there were going to be people over and would it be a problem for folks to park in front of my house? (like this weekend. He had a 4th of July party. If I had a party too, there would have been a problem. But he never asked.)

  2. he would have people park in his driveway first before filling up the street. You can easily fit 8 - 10 cars in his driveway. Instead, he leaves it wide open so the kids can play in the freaking driveway all day instead of the yard, but that’s another gripe. Just for reference, so I’m not being accused of being totally unreasonable, the back yard has a swing set, a large wooden fort, a trampoline, an in-ground pool, a jacuzzi and enough room to play wiffle ball, kick ball or any other damn thing they want to do. But the kids play in the driveway. Go figure. :dubious:

  3. the people that park in front of my house didn’t use my yard as a walkway to his house. I found a nice load of dog crap in my front yard yesterday. A guest with a dog probably let the dog relieve itself before the trip home. So I get to clean it up. That’s just rude. And it wouldn’t have happened if my neighbor’s friends and relatives weren’t parking in front of my house. Before you all jump down my throat, no I didn’t see it happen. But since most people that walk their dogs in the neighborhood are pretty good at cleaning up after their pets, I made the assumption based on the circumstances. However, I have no proof, so I haven’t said anything. And I won’t.

Now, there are other people in the neighborhood that handle this differently. A neighbor’s daughter graduated high school, and the parents called and asked if it was ok if their guest parked there. They didn’t have to call. But I appreciated the thoughtfulness. And the answer was of course, yes.

PS. My neighbor is an incosiderate jerk too. But there’s no law against it. But there should be, dammit! :smiley:

Thank you for not responding to any of my questions.
Why is the neighbor parking in front of a house other than his own?
And whether or not a neighbor’s annoyance seems unreasonable to you, why continue annoying them if it is just as easy to not do so?

And I don’t believe I or anyone else said anything about driving noisy, ugly, old cars.
Nice attempt to obscure the discussion.

I get that the space is public and anyone can park there, but I still think it’s more than a little pushy for a neighbor to always park in front of someone else’s house given that the neighbor seems to have plenty of other parking options available.

The only thing I can think of that might make the neighbors inclined to do this is if they are usually driving from the direction that makes parking in front of your house easier – they don’t have to go to all the “bother” of turning the car around to park on their side. I don’t think this is a good reason, but I found myself trying to think of any reason because it seems so weird that someone would do this in the first place.

While I would agree that no, no one “owns” the street, I also understand 100% where the OP is coming from.

Living in Colorado (the land of gigantic, oversized SUV’s), maybe my situation is a little different but personally, I hate it when the neighbors park in front of my house. (And no, I am not speaking of the ocassional party or such…I mean on a day-to-day basis).

First of all, the vehicles are generally large enough that they actually obstruct the view out of the front window of my house. And not being a land-barge driver myself, it is both difficuly as well as dangerous for me when I am trying to back out of my driveway and can’t see around those things.

And yes, it would be nice when I have people over if they had somewhere to park.

I pay taxes too, and the way I see it I am just as entitled to use the street as the neighbors are. If they have more vehicles than can be accomodated by their own parking area, why does that mean they are entitled to spill over in to mine and inconvenience me? Just MHO, of course.

If you have to ask, the the answer is automatically: “yes”.

Dinsdale, well said.
I agree 100%. The neighbors literally live right across the street, but never, ever park in front of their own house. Why? Presumably, because it is a) not as pretty to have 5 cars in front of your house, or perhaps b) it’s easier to manoeuver the cars out of your driveway if your OTHER cars are out of your way and across the street.

Now I wonder, why should jakeline’s family have to deal with these inconveniences? That’s silly. Especially if they have politely made it clear that they would prefer these cars to not be parked in front of their house. It’s an eyesore and an inconvenience, and it’s literally there for Jakeline’s family to deal with all day long. The neighbors may not have realized this at first, but since Jakeline et al have tried to make it clear, the neighbors are being jerks for allowing their cars to constantly inconvenience someone else.

Sure, Jakeline doesn’t own the street, but there is a such thing as being polite and not being a jerk. There are a million snarky, jerky things we could all do in everyday life, and then if someone complained, we could say, “Well, you don’t own this street/this parking lot/the world, so I’m not being a jerk”, but the mere fact that you are inconveniencing someone else with such blatant thoughtlessness makes you a jerk by definition, regardless of who owns the space you’re committing your act of jerkery on.

  1. Why not? Maybe it’s easier for them. Maybe there’s a bird in that treee that shits on their car. Maybe it’s shadier on that side. Who cares? It’s their street too.

  2. Because the “annoyance” is yours not theirs. It’s just something from your primative hindbrain insisiting that that’s MY TERRITORY SO STAY THE FUCK OUT.

  3. My point with the “noisy old cars” is where does *your * “annoyance” cross over into disallowing me my legal rights? If they painted their house blue, and blue houses annoy your, are they rude? :rolleyes:

It’s their property too, and they are simply excersining their perfectly legal rights to use it, thus your “annoyances” are you being rude, not them.

I view this type of situation as an individual externalizing the costs associated with their behavior/lifestyle. I think such actions are - at best - impolite. Your neighbor has chosen to have a number of cars that require that he jockey them. Since that was his choice and not yours, IMO the most fair result is for him to bear any costs associated with his choice - including having to look at and maneuver around the car in front of his house all day every day.

Another common example is when a neighbor decides to put his garbage cans/boat/jalopy/etc. on the side of his garage where he does not have to see it all the time, but where it is most obvious to his neighbor.

There are near endless activities one is permitted to engage in, but just because an action is not prohibited, does not mean the actor is not inconsiderate.
IMO, living in a civil society requires that decent human beings consider - and when possible minimize - the impact of their actions upon others’ quiet enjoyment of their property.

If my neighbor politely asks me to discontinue doing something that I did not know was bothering him, and if I can comply at little to no cost to myself, I think I would be a jerk not to do what he asks. DrDeth obviously disagrees.

And for those who point out the possibility that the parking choice may merely be a matter of convenience reflecting where they are coming from or going to, I’ll point out that unless they regularly drive the entire way around the world every day, at some point they will need to turn around. :wink: