Parking in Washington D.C for a week ?


I am gonna meet some of my friends in D.C tomorrow before taking off to Boston for a gathering, but the situation occurs that I need to drive up there, so I will need to find a parking spot in a few days, a week probably ?
Any suggestions ?


Save lots of money beforehand…parking in DC is expensive overnight, let alone for a whole week.

Also, when we went down for a weekend function last year, rather than drive in the city, I parked at one of the outer tier Metro stations and just let the car sit there. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this, however, as you’re not SUPPOSED to park overnight at the stations, and I was nervous all weekend that the car wasn’t going to be there when we got back.

Find a friend who lives in the D.C. suburbs who’s willing to let you park your car in front of their house for a week. Parking in a commercial garage will be too expensive. If they live near the center of the city, no one won’t have the extra parking space. Indeed, in many neighborhoods the city will tow any car not having the sticker from that neighborhood if it sits in a parking space for more than two hours in the middle of a weekday. I don’t think you want to park your car in front of my apartment. My license plates were stolen a couple weeks ago.

My first thought was to find one of the outer Metro stations and park nearby. Maybe not in the garage for the station, but something a little further away. You’ll want some input from your friend about a good station to do this.

Another thought is to find one of the cheaper long term parking lots near an airport, and then take the bus/Metro from the airport.

If you still need a place to park, I can probably help you out. I live in DC and will be going home for Thansgiving.

I wrote:

> If they live near the center of the city, no one won’t have the extra parking
> space.

And this wins the prize for the worst sentence I’ve written lately. I meant:

> No one who lives near the center of the city will have an extra parking space.

I live less than a mile from a Metro stop in an area with lots of on-street parking, so I’d be happy to loan you a guest pass for a while. My e-mail address should be in my profile; drop me a line if you so desire.

Assuming Emilio doesn’t work out, I’d say park at the Economy lot at National Airport. (What some folks call Reagan Airport, but not me.) It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than a garage and a lot safer than parking on the street for that length of time (if you could even find a space that doesn’t require you to move after six hours or feed a meter, which I doubt you will). Plus, the airport shuttle will take you right to the Metro, and then you can use that to get most anywhere in the area pretty cheaply and conveniently.

There may well be cheaper parking at one of the privately-owned lots near the other airports (Dulles or BWI), but it’ll likely be harder for you to get from those airports to where you’re meeting your friends, unless they’re willing to drive all the way out to the airport to pick you up, which is a big hassle (especially to BWI).


The news this morning was talking about running out a spaces at National (never Reagan), because of the Thanksgiving crowds. Have a Plan B if you try this one.

I occasionally visit a friend who lives near the National Zoo. At the local police station she can get a pass that allows me to legally park in the “Resident only” areas. Works great.

Thanks a lot for all the responds. I actually, after about 7 phone calls, found someone who has a spot around his house. So I am good to go.

Again, thanks dopers.