Parking outside New York City

Say I was driving to New York City via I-80. Is there some place outside the city where I could safely park my car, and take the subway into Manhattan? Basically, I’m trying to avoid the $10/hour parking lots in the city.

Park it in Jersey City and take the PATH (trans-Hudson) subway ($1.50) across to Manhattan. I would aim for the Grove Street PATH, as the area is residential and you should be able to find parking within a few blocks. The PATH stops along 6th Ave at Christopher, 9th, 14th, 23rd and 33rd, where there are inter-NYC subway stops if you need to get elsewhere once in.

Someone else will have to help with directions, as I don’t drive. I think you can get to US 1 & 9 (which runs through JC) from I-80, but I’m not sure.

As **cthiax ** mentioned the Path train is the way to go.
Park at either Jersey City or Hoboken.
Hoboken has the bonus of the Path train station is also the Ferry Station to NYC.

To get to Hoboken

Time Mile Instruction For Toward
Summary: 23.0 miles (31 minutes)
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart 47B on Ramp (East) 0.3 mi US-46 / The Caldwells / Montclair
9:00 AM 0.3 Merge onto US-46 0.5 mi
9:01 AM 0.8 Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Local road(s) 131 yds
9:01 AM 0.9 Turn RIGHT (South) onto New Rd 0.8 mi
9:03 AM 1.7 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-280 15.1 mi I-280
9:19 AM 16.8 At exit 17A, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto CR-508 [Newark and Jersey City Tpke] 1.9 mi CR-508 / Jersey City
9:22 AM 18.7 Road name changes to Newark and Jersey City Tpke 0.2 mi
9:22 AM 18.9 Merge onto SR-7 [Newark and Jersey City Tpke] 1.2 mi
9:24 AM 20.1 Turn LEFT (North) onto US-1 & 9-Truck [US-1 Truck] 87 yds
9:24 AM 20.1 Turn RIGHT to stay on US-1 & 9-Truck [US-1 Truck] 0.4 mi
9:25 AM 20.5 Keep RIGHT onto US-1 [US-1 & 9] 76 yds
9:25 AM 20.6 Take Ramp onto US-1 [US-1 & 9] 1.1 mi US-1 / US-9
9:26 AM 21.7 Road name changes to I-78 [SR-139] 0.2 mi
9:26 AM 21.9 Turn LEFT (North) onto Jersey Ave 0.4 mi
9:28 AM 22.3 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Hoboken Ave 76 yds
9:28 AM 22.3 Road name changes to CR-636 [Newark Ave] 0.2 mi
9:29 AM 22.6 Road name changes to CR-681 [Observer Hwy] 0.4 mi
9:31 AM 23.0 Arrive 47 CR-681, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Driving distance: 23.0 miles
Trip duration: 31 minutes
Driving time: 31 minutes
Cost: $1.70

I lost a line:
Rt80 should take you to Rt280.
These direction should get you to the Ferry.

Good point on the ferry, Jim, I forgot about that. But as far as I recall finding non-lot parking near the Hoboken PATH can be really hard, depending on the time of day. Likewise the Journal Square and Pavonia stations in JC.

Oh, there’s also a PATH in Newark. But don’t go to Newark. :wink:

I will Try a generate some directions to Jersey City path tonight.

I do know how to use Yahoo Maps, so what I really need is the whereabouts of a parking facility in Hoboken or Jersey City.

Well try this link. I don’t know the address of the Jersey City Path.

I use to use the Hoboken Path & Ferry and it had a large parking lot. But this was nearly 15 years ago.
I knew how to get there navigating Microsoft Streets and Maps. I couldn’t get their using Yahoo.

Good Luck,

Thanks, everyone.

Park at the Weehawken Ferry Station and take the boat over. Parking is $7 a day and $5.75 each way. You can get there from the Eastern spur of the NJ Turnpike, Lincoln Tunnel exit.

Hey Jim… uh… what exit? :slight_smile:
Those directions seem to be from my hometown!

Are any of these suitable for multi-day parking? I’ll be driving some friends to the area in April for a week’s vacation, and I was considering parking at one of the airports, but the ferry stations seem quite a bit cheaper. Can I park at Weehawken for several days, or should I suffer through Newark - Liberty?

If you want to park for multiple days, your cheapest option is probably going to be one of the free park and ride NJTransit lots that are furthur out from the City. For example you can park at the Willowbrook mall park and ride (which is like 200 ft off off I-80) for free and take the NJ Transit bus into the city for something $25 round trip, if that. Of course I wouldn’t necessarily leave a really nice car at some of the park and rides for several days, as there have been the occassional car thefts from Willowbrook.