Parks and Rec poll

Something I was wondering about: who is generally better looking, Leslie Knope or Ben Wyatt?

Will comment on this down thread so as not to unduly influence poll results.

As a dude who likes the ladies, I can confidently assure you that Amy Poehler is hot, but the hottest person on Parks and Rec is Rob Lowe.

They are about the same level of normal-pretty. He’s prettier than he is handsome. Rob Lowe has always looked like he was developed at Hollywood Handsome Laboratories. Made his dead-on Robert Wagner easy since they both came from the same test tube.

They both look a little odd to me. His head is a bit too large, and more so at the top then the bottom. Her face is too wide and squat looking. Not saying either is ugly, just neither is super attractive.

Is she missing teeth? Why else would anyone consistently smile with their mouths closed?

They both have really good looking IRL spouses. (Will Arnett and Naomi Scott)

So does Nick Offerman. (Megan Mullally)

Will and Amy announced their separation a few months ago. Made me irrationally sad.

I’m a straight man, and while they’re both on the nice-looking side of average, Ben is the better-looking one IMO. I think Leslie has some unconventional features that probably make her irresistible to a few people, but just sort of cute to most. For instance, she has a sort of impish grin. Although I agree that Ben has sort of a balloon-head, I think his good looks are more classic than Leslie’s. I suspect if you showed 100 men a picture of Leslie and 100 women a picture of Ben, the women would rate Ben higher than the men would rate Leslie.

Adam did a webisode bit with Jon Hamm where they both had to wear greenscreen clothes, which essentially means form-fitting green pajamas. He wrote that he was a little nervous, but at least they’d both look foolish. But then when he got to set and saw Jon, Jon looked like a green Superman while Adam just looked like an oversized 3-year-old. There was a picture of the two of them, and Adam was 100% right.

I rated them as being about the same.

Like this?

Yep, that’s the one.

I would have said Adam is an attractive guy before I saw that picture and read his self-deprecating humor regarding it, but now? Middle of the road at best, which puts him in Amy’s wheelhouse.

Can’t vote, because Rashida Jones outshines them all.

I’m more of an Aubrey Plaza guy, although I’m close to Amy in age.

As a straight guy, I’d say Adam is slightly more attractive. I’ve never understood the attraction to Amy Poehler. I was amazed to learn she’s four years younger than me. I assumed she was a few years older.

I don’t think it’s that Adam Scott is more attractive so much as he looks so much younger than Amy Poehler to me. I’ve always thought they looked weird together for this reason. I just looked it up and was very surprised to find out she’s only 2 years older than him.

I’ll go along with this. And I don’t understand the purpose of this poll.

Noo. Andy.

Who isn’t? Aubrey Plaza? More like Awesomey Plaza!
Yes, I am kinda ashamed of myself for doing that.

Heartily agree!