Parody: Judaism, a crime?

Judaism have been illegal in Europe, Russian, and Middle East, but have, in the last 50-60 years, become a legal religious practice.

Should it be a crime again?
Should they be sentenced to prison?

I think it should be illegal

Some other view on this topic?

But this is just a “privacy” matter anylonger. They want to marry, adopt, etc.

My opinion is that a persion who are involved in Judaism is doing great injustice to the society and to himselfe/herselfe.

Any sirious answers?

You are seriously a pig.

Siriously, this is not just a religious question. My good friend, Al Debaran, says they even want to be hold jobs without fear of being discriminated against… Oh, wrong thread - my misstake.

This thread will head to the Pit in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Psst, jaydabee, look here.

Very cute. A rip-off of our Friendly Neighborhood Troll’s previous OP about homosexuals. Do you seriously wish to debate this, milroyj, or are you trolling?

Have you not noticed that Jews have a much higher rate of Tay Sachs disease? See what happens when we let “freedom” get in the way of personal responsibility? There are teenagers growing up that are looking for strong moral standards, and all this talk of “religious freedom” just confuses them. How are today’s youth supposed resist the temptation to do evil when all Jews have to do is squeal about “unfairness” and their selfishness is not only tolerated but celebrated?
[Sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to gratuitously misspell words. Just pretend that every third word is spelled incorrectly, and every sentence has at least one gramatical error.]

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Sorry to steal some of your fun and retitle the thread, but obviously the fact that this was a parody was not crystal clear (kind of a sad comment, at that, but some people really do espouse this sort of stuff).

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If you want to make fun of ORION’s posts, why not do it in his thread? Plenty o’ material there, and getting new stuff all the time.


I seriously hoped you were kidding, but I just read your second post on the topic and I see you’re not. The OP has been allowed to run some 150+ posts thus far without interference, regardless of the over-the-top Troll content. Yet I make one post, and you accuse me of trolling, and change my thread title (and Otto’s too! Sorry, Otto!)

I sense a sirious (sorry, I couldn’t resist)double standard here.


Actually, if you were serious I would have let it go; but, c’mon, this is a parody thread, not a Great Debate, and we already have another parody thread! And think of the terror and confusion if I moved this sucker to MPSIMS. :wink: You already sucked in one poster, and while it’s amusing to fool people, I’d really like to have debates in Great Debates, not lots of joke posts. I’m not pissed off, but I wanted to make it clear that this is not really a debate. OK?

OK, so how exactly does Onion’s OP qualify as a Great Debate?

Or are some “Great Debates” more equal than others?

If I had posted an Anti-Semitic thread first, would that have qualified?

Jeff, King of the Trolls

Well, he’s debating. He really believed what he posted, as far as we can tell. I asked if you intended to debate this, just in case, but it was pretty obvious you didn’t. This is not a measure of the offensiveness of your OP, just that it wasn’t a debate and I thought I’d make that clear. How many rip-offs of this guy’s OP do we need, anyhow?

Time to change the name from Great Debates to Snake Pit.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Orion’s OP was debate, mine was not, so I understand what you’re saying. I appreciate the difficult job you have as moderator, and I think you’re doing a great job. Sorry for my well-intentioned but inappropriate OP.


Wow. Thank you, milroyj. FWIW, this–or any other similar–thread would probably have been more appropriate in the Pit, since it’s a subtle flame on another poster. However, since the Pitizens are less likely to be as familiar with Orion than GDer’s, I thought it would cause a lot of confusion if I moved it there (i.e., anyone who had posted to defend the “Judaism is illegal” would get severely flamed by those who took the OP seriously, and it would cause a giant mess until sorted out). So I opted to mark it as a non-debate and leave it in GD. I appreciate your understanding.