Parody Song ID?

This song which heard a few times on my local AM radio station was clearly a takeoff on the movie “10,” which means I would’ve been hearing it in 1979 or maybe 1980.

The start of the song has a guy hitting on a girl in a bar and calling her a 10, while the rest of lyrics see the woman turn it around and start rating everything about him (“…is that your car out front, Well, I guess it’s a negative four!”) That’s the one line I (vaguely) remember.

Anyway, Google is not helping me much in nailing down the title or artist, so I figured I’d throw it open to the Teeming Millions. I’d just like to hear it again to see if it was as funny as I’d remembered it.

Good luck and thanks.

Bobby Bare, "The Numbers."

Lyrics by Shel Silverstein

Wow, thanks