parsecs and flies

Not to be a critic, but I was reading through some old columns and noticed that in the "How to save earth from destruction: kill flies " column in Book 1, The Straight Dope, Cecil says that “The galaxy in which we presently reside, by way of comparison, is 25-30 parsecs across.” This is slightly inaccurate, insofar as the galaxy is actually about 100,000 parsecs across. A light year is 9.461x10^17 cm, while a parsec is 3.086x10^18 cm, so we see that a parsec (or unit of length equal to the distance at which a hypothetical star’s PARallax would be one SECond of arc) is about 3.28 light years. 50 of these is about 164 light years, or roughly 1/2,000 of the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy.
Just for the record