Parsley Garnish On Salad? Cleansers?

When was the last time you were at a restaurant and the salad or side contained a single piece of parsley garnish?

Good point. Apparently they can’t compete with me and have given up.

I carve a strict line between the curly parsley garnish that used to be served in restaurants (a practice the UK/USA shared along with after eight mints, who knew!), and the flat leaf parsley I now get through buckets of since cooking became a hobby of mine.

I feel like back in the 70s/80s, we only ever saw curly parsley, which I associate with a bitter taste and unpleasant texture. Whereas nowadays, I only ever see the flat leaf stuff.

My gf is in advertising. Little Baby’s Ice Cream is well known to them

My supermarket sells both curly and flat. I grow curly. It has a slightly sharper flavor, which is what i grew up with, and i like it. But i like flat parsley, too.

I prefer flat when seasoning dishes. I think it cooks in better than the curly stuff. But the grocery store always has the curly parsley and doesn’t always have flat so I’ve used curly plenty of times. For garnishing the curly requires no effort to look good and enhance a plate.

Parsley, basil, cilantro, and several types of oregano are always available in our herb garden or indoors in pots in the winter. One of the oreganos is a rare type that a chef gave to my gf via a cutting from his plant. When his plant suffered some misfortune we were able to return the favor.

I struggle to grow coriander (cilantro) because the snails bloody love it and will eat the whole plant in one sitting. They don’t seem quite so fond of the parsley, sage, oregano or basil.

Do you have more info about different varieties of oregano? It’s been hard to get anything special around here (the lack of food ingredients here is something else that separates us from the mainland). The only ‘Mexican oregano’ I’d found locally was overly dry, nearly turning to dust. I ordered a large bag of some online and love this stuff. Not going to use anymore traditional ‘Italian oregano’ fresh or dried as long as this stuff keeps. Hopefully I’ll find it again. I can’t offer any info on exactly what it is, it was advertised as ‘Mexican Oregano’, just says ‘Oregano’ on the bag, but the flavor is definitely distinctive, clearly not the traditional type sold in spice aisles.

Huh. I guess the snails are too busy munching our hostas to care about our cilantro…

Oh they love those too. Maybe we just get more snails because of all that rain.

It’s really more my gf’s area. I know she has Italian (regular), Greek, and Turkish varieties. They live in pots on a porch, then the sunroom for winter. When I cook and want oregano I smell them and choose what catches my nose.

I know the Mexican variety is a different species from the Italian type. I’m sure local varieties can have notable differences in taste, and I’m not sure if the dried or fresh varieties from grocery stores are the best quality to begin with.