Partial Verdict?

What happens when a person is accused of multiple crimes and the jury returns verdicts on some but not all of them? Are those verdicts accepted and the rest retried? Does the whole thing go back for a second trial? Are the questionable ones forgotten?

An inquiring mind wants to know!

Each charge is separate. If a jury finds you guilty of mopery, not guilty of dopery, and they can’t make up their mind on the loitering with intent, then you get whatever the sentence is for mopery, you don’t get the sentence for dopery, and the prosecution can choose to retry you for the loitering with intent.

The returned verdicts (guilty or not guilty) stand. The defendant may appeal any guilty verdicts. On the other hand, prosecutors cannot retry a defendant who is found not guilty of any particular crimes.

Prosecutors may choose to retry the charges that resulted in a hung jury. Sometimes, prosecutors will decide that they are no more likely to prevail in a second trial than they were in the first, so they will elect to just drop the remaining charges.

Also, prosecutors may decide that the guilty verdicts on the first 8 charges carry enough sentences that it isn’t worth a new trial on the deadlocked ones. Sometimes prosecutors will offer a plea deal on these others, instead of another trial – plead guilty on them, and we will agree to only seek X additional sentence (maybe none) for them.

And the court is actually allowed to take “acquitted conduct” into consideration when deciding on the sentence, so you might end up effectively doing time for dopery anyways: