Particlewills Happy day. (or Who do I kill first)

Wonderful friday today. Woke up at 8:30 am. Called bank to see if direct deposit paycheck had been posted yet so as I could pay my rent and continue to live indoors. Nope. Not yet. Call back at nine. Nothing yet. (This happens every payday.) Call back at ten. Bank says there was no payment posted at all. Supress rage, hie myself to Human resources. H.R chic says payment sent, will make calls after lunch. After much telephone merriment, discover that payment was posted, but bounced because the bank closed my account. Seems that altho I had a few bucks left in the account, they applied end-of-quarter service charges and drained account to zero. After which they closed it. (All without notifying me). They would not rectifiy this until Monday. After more teliphonic merriment, I got the Supervisor to approve a $400 withdrawl so as I could pay rent and purchase foodstuffs.

After driving downtown to pay rent, whilst journying to a purveyer of foody goodness, car makes frightening grinding sound. I pull over immediately and investigate. Am surprised to discover the main accesesory drive belt has jumped the system and attempted to shred itself. Further examination shows this to be due to the dampener pully on the crankshaft disassembleing itself.

Friend called, car draged to nearby automotive repair guys. Repair done quickly and efficently. Repair costs consume all but four dollars of my remaining funds.

Four dollars and wife’s state quarter collection sacrificed in order that we might have food until Monday, when the remainder of my paycheck is supposed to arrive at the bank.
And now for my feelings on the above.


Did I mention it was 94 degrees today?


particlewill, I just sent you $30 via paypal to the e-mail listed on your profile. Take the wife out for dinner or something, OK? And try to have a good weekend.


Anthracite, you have just restored my faith in the essential goodness of human nature.

Wow, Anthracite. That was way cool. You rock.

I am speechless. Absolutley speechless… Una, this was a wonderful, wonderful gesture. My wife cried when I read this to her.


I went ahead and denied payment. It should be credited back to you. I thank you deeply for the sentiment, but I can’t accept it.
I cannot say how much it means to me that you’d be willing to do this, but I really can’t accept it. I hope you understand.
The rest of our money will be in on monday. We are ok. Today was just a hiccup in a pretty good last few months. I plan on taking Debi, (my wife) out on monday. I just had to get the stupidity that was today off my chest.

particlewill. (Who is feelin’ a might guilty that he hasn’t been over to Una’s board in a while…)

I am sorry you cannot accept it, but I respect your decision.

Still - try to have a good weekend, OK? It sounds like you and the wife really need a good weekend.


Una, YOU have a good weekend. I just read about your bad day yesterday, over on your board. I swear, the evil imps of suck day run amuck. My car broke and I had bank suckage, but no one threatened to beat me. All told, I think all good people should just hide under their beds till monday.

Sigh. Isn’t society grand. Makes that island in “cast away” look better and better.