Partly cloudy, low -104 F

Can a human being survive, even with the best arctic clothing, at a place like Vostok station ?

Living in Montreal, I know what a minus 35F windchill is, but a minus 90F windchill? Your face would surely freeze solid within 30 seconds. Surely no one goes for a stroll at Vostok station.

I can’t guarantee it’s true, but from the “Ask an Antarctican” section of Big Dead Place

Seems like I remember reading somewhere that when it gets around -70 Fahrenheit your breath freezes in mid-air and falls to the ground.

When it gets really cold around these parts I splash some water on my (concrete) balcony and it freezes gratifyingly in two seconds. However, my breath has never been in danger of falling to the ground, nor can I quite believe that it ever could!

And what’s the temperature at which CO[sub]2[/sub] freezes again?

This was at least partially debunked in a thread within the last month or two, but since I’m (A) lazy and (B) on dialup, I’m not going to look it up.