"PARTY DOWN" Appreciation Thread (Starz series)

We’ve recently begun watching the Starz series “Party Down” off of Netflix streaming. It’s a half-hour comedy about a group of catering employees in the LA/Hollywood area and features a lot of well-known faces in the regular cast as well as in single-episode appearances.

First of all - WHY has it taken me so long to find this show? It’s one of the funniest, sharpest comedies I’ve ever seen. Each episode revolves around a different catering function (Adult Video Awards after-parties, Young Republican Conferences, etc) and also follows some loose overall story arcs over the course of the season.

My two favorites in the cast are Ken Marino (“The State,” “Wet Hot American Summer”) and Jane Lynch (“Glee”). Lynch is especially good… even better than her Sue Sylvester role in “Glee” which I think is saying something because she’s great in that too.

Marino plays the manager of the catering company and a lot of episodes involve him trying in futile to keep his employees in line while himself usually causing all sorts of problems. He also has a dream of opening an all you can eat soup franchise called Soup R’ Crackers.

Other regulars include** Lizzy Caplan** (Mean Girls, “Freaks & Geeks,” “True Blood”), Adam Scott (“Tell Me You Love Me,” Stepbrothers), **Martin Starr **(Bill in “Freaks & Geeks”) and Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars”). Guest stars have included Marilu Henner, Ed Begley, Jr, Molly Parker, and JK Simmons.

Anyway, the writing is excellent. The gags are hilarious. And the acting is top notch.

Anyone else watch this fantastic show?

No, don’t get Starz, but I always thought that would be a fantastic idea for a TV show. I met a friend of a friend who worked as a waiter for a catering outfit and some of his stories at what goes on at rich folks’ doings would curl your hair!

Yeah, from the lack of responses to this thread I don’t think many people on here watch much Starz. I don’t have it either but kind of stumbled onto the show by chance while browsing Netflix.

Hopefully this thread will inspire a few other Dopers to check it out.

I watched the first season on Starz On Demand last year and a second season starts in April. It actually doesn’t focus on the “rich folks’ doings” as much as the employees of the catering company. The show is set in Los Angeles and most of the cast are aspiring actors, except for Martin Starr, who is as I remember an aspiring screenwriter. And Adam Scott’s character as I remember was famous once for a series of commercials (think of something like the Whassup? Budweiser commercials from a few years ago) but I think is now resigned to the idea that he’ll never be rich and famous. It’s the quiet desperation that makes it funny.

I keep meaning to watch this, as I was a huge fan of “Veronica Mars” and about half of the cast and crew are alums of that show. Off to add it to the Netflix queue!

I, too, caught it on Netflix streaming and watched the entire season in two afternoons. Pretty funny. Too bad Jane Lynch is supposedly not back for the second season due to her commitments to Glee.

I LOVE this show. I’ve seen the whole season at least twice.

I think Megan Mullaly is “taking over” for Jane Lynch on the upcoming season. She is great so even though I am sad to see Jane Lynch go at least her replacement is also great.