Party tonight. Now I have to study.

Anyone else ever prepare for a party by studying?

Years ago I was at a party and someone introduced me to some guy named Kevin McClatchy. Seemed like a nice enough dude. He brought up the topic of Pirate baseball and I made a funny comment about how badly they sucked. Everyone stopped talking. Turns out McClatchy was the team owner. :eek:

I was embarrassed, but he laughed at my gaffe.

Fast forward to tonight. I’m going to a friend’s surprise 60th BD party. He is a good friend who, coincidentally, played for the Steelers during the 70s/80s. He has 4 Super Bowl rings and is in the football hall of fame.

Because of his past, there will be a few “sports legends” at the party. Supposedly there will be hall of famers from football, baseball, and hockey. Me, I watch a game here and there especially if the local team is having a good season.

So here I am studying local sports history. Hope I do not screw things up too badly tonight! I can’t name any names right now, but I can after the party if anyone is interested/curious.

This is the epitome of a “first world problem.” :smiley:

I’ve never studied for a party before, so I can’t answer that part of your OP, but I wonder if “not saying mean things about a sports team” when you know sports stars might be at the party could be the solution you’re looking for. Come up with some good zingers about something else in pop culture, and you’ll probably have a much more stress-free time at the party!

I think the first post covers it! Yeah, there will be a lot of guys there from the sports arena, and they’ll probably have stories and old times they’ll chat about with each other, but I have to imagine that anyone famous for any one thing would be more than happy to talk about SOMETHING ELSE!!

Figure out YOUR forte, and bring THAT to the party :slight_smile:

WoooHoooo…I wanna party with YOU!

I am in love with Pittsburgh …but I live in St Louis.

Formerly I lived near p’burgh…I was at the game when Roberto Clemente hit his 3000th and last hit. :frowning:

Throw the phrase…“Chicken on the hill Will” and you will be a hit.

wishing to just be a fly on the wall…

Pour it on!..Pour on the Iron City Beer!

Go Steelers…Go Bucs…Go Pens…WoooHooo.

I was at a party with Larry Bird once and heard my lover ask him if he had any hobbies. (She was clueless about sports–I don’t know if she even knew who he was.) He hung around and talked to her about her “stained glass hobby” and something else he was into–I forget what–and I was under the impression that he was glad to talk to someone about anything but basketball. So I’m with Astral Rejection. Leave the sports alone in this situation.
(what taomist said)

Yes. Talk about something else. It would be relatively-easy for me to go to this party, for example, because I don’t know anything about sports. :slight_smile: I imagine that any celebrity gets tired of always talking about the same subject, and would greet non-recognition and normal chit-chat with great relief.

Of course, if it’s an event specifically organized about the sport, that’s different. But a regular party that just happens to include a few sports celebrities? Behave normally.

No, none of the parties I go to would have anyone at them who are famous enough for me to study.

No, I am pretty sure 3rd world countries have sports heroes and parties.
Anyways, I would think the best way to not make any gaffes is to not insult any team or player during the party. lol.

(I meant the “studying up on a party” part of the OP :D)

I’d be curious. I wish your friend a happy birthday, and apologize for all the times I must have wished him ill when I was a child and the Steelers were the hated enemy. :slight_smile:

Yeah I can’t imagine being Miley Cyrus and going to a party where everyone wants to play my music and talk about my career all night long, that’s more of a PR stunt than a party. Maybe brush up on car talk? I’ve been led to believe that ALL guys like cars. :smiley:

Thanks to my cousin the sportswriter, I know (or think I know) that you’re talking about Jack Lambert. He was a great middle linebacker, one of the best ever. How was the party?

Going to a Steelers party? Just make sure you tell everyone how much you respect and admire Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Tony Dorsett and Drew Pearson. You’ll be absolutely unforgettable.

Seconded. Just go the party with your normal amount of knowledge. After all, if you aren’t genuinely interested to know enough about a random player that doesn’t have nationwide recognition, why burden yourself?

Yep, Jack is still technically 58, but turned sixty years of age. Great party. Friends only. The idea of a bunch of sports legends was just the speculation one of the guys had. We talked about everything except sports. :smiley:

I’m seven years younger than Jack and yet he looks better than I ever have.

Am I the only one :confused: by this statement?

I was recently at a friends family gathering where there were particular etiquette expectations that I apparently failed to adhere to, though I went out of my way to be a good guest in other ways. I now feel like I have to be extra inquisitive about these sorts of things when I’m a plus one in the future.

I have noticed there’s a bunch of books out there that are a crash course in common culture and history topics so people can make small talk at parties without seeming ignorant.

Jack wore number 58. When he turned 58 it was a cool, funny party. He ignored 59. We had a poster made sayin’ “Happy 60th, you’re still 58”.

But, ya, he wore 58.