Pass the movie killer

I had poor luck with a “pass the line” concept. Here’s hoping this has a better chance.

In some movie one actor kills another actor’s character. In another movie the victim actor kills somebody else’s character.

Let’s see how far this chain can be taken before we get to some actor who has never killed anybody!

First killing: Tom Selleck kills Alan Rickman in Quigley Down Under (1990)

Where does Alan Rickman kill somebody else?

In the opening scene of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Alan Rickman has his men kill Robin’s dad, played by Brian Blessed.

Alan Rickman kills James Shigeta (Mr. Takagi) and Hart Bochner (Ellis the cokehead yuppie) in Die Hard.

In And the Sea will Tell, Hart Bochner (Buck) kills James Brolin (Mac).

In The Amityville Horror, James Brolin kills Margot Kidder with an axe (in a dream–I cheated :D).

Margot Kidder killed WIlliam FInley in Brian De Palma’s Sisters.

Astorian–I immediately thought of Sisters, but left it for you to post ;). MK also killed Lisle Wilson in the same movie (he’s going to be a lot harder to fit in the chain).

William Finly killed Gerrit Graham in De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise.

Gerrit Graham killed Norman Fell (and June Lockhart–yes, you heard me) in CHUD II–Bud the CHUD.

Okay, too many obscure victims are (ahem) Killing a promising thread. Let’s stay with more famous stars.

John Wayne killed Lee Marvin in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Next…?

In Cat Ballou Lee Marvin kills… Lee Marvin.

In The Killers, Lee Marvin kills John Cassavetes.

(note: and herein lies the problem I remember this movie well, and Cassavetes is hardly obscure, but I have no idea if a Cassavetes character ever killed anyone.)

(This might be a stretch)

In The Fury, John Cassavetes had Kirk Douglas killed. :dubious:

In Spartacus, Kirk Douglas kills Charles McGraw.

And it looks like Charles McGraw has killed this thread.

Starting over,
In Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Rupert Davies kills Christopher Lee.

In The Man With The Golden Gun, Christopher Lee kills Maud Adams.

In Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation, Maud Adams kills Clint Howard.

Clint Howard kills David Naughton in Ice Cream Man.

David Naughton helped kill Vanna White’s acting career in Goddess of Love, but that was more an assisted suicide.

in play:
In An American Werewolf in London, David Naughton kills a number of Londoners including an uncredited John Landis.

John Landis played one of the four Iranian assassins who drowned Kathryn Harrold in the Pacific Oceean, in Into the Night.

Landis wisely gave himself no lines!