Passes are cool! (Airline, that is).

Some of you may know that I fly for a major US airline (actually, only Dopers that read threads in GQ about airplanes know this! :wink: )

In any case, one of the benefits of my job is travel privileges for me, my family and (a few) friends. I travel on my own as infrequently as possible (this ends up being about once a month, though). I spend enough nights in hotel rooms while I’m working - the last thing I want to do on my time off is go to the airport and end up in a hotel room. I’m VERY happy that I have this weekend off and can watch the NFL games (but I will be working over the Super Bowl - being a junior schmoe and all). My parents don’t travel, and I’m still single so my family travel benefits get used by my sister.

My point? Oh, yes.

Well, I’m sitting down here in Texas getting rained on while my sister is freezing her butt off up in NYC. This afternoon I get an e-mail from her:

Now, the travel isn’t completely free (lousy IRS and imputed income…spoilsports), but it’s negligible. Anyway…

Go Steph!!! I hope you come back de-thawed and well-rested!!!

I’m just excited that she can escape the deep freeze for a couple of days and that SOMEONE is using the passes!!

It’s great that you’re able to share your passes, but just be careful with them.

A friend of mine is an FA with UAL, and they recently got hit hard for abusing the privilege. Turns out his roommate was doing the abusing and taking day trips while my friend was flying on duty. Not sure if it was a case of stealing vouchers or finding out an account number or password, but he had to go to the police to file formal charges just to keep from being fired.

Thanks for the heads-up, but it’s my sister!

It all computerized on this new “InterWeb” thing or something. :wink: And yes, as a “new hire” I was limited with pass privileges for a year. When I asked why, I got the “flight attendant with 30 relatives” story.

My sis (and anyone else) can travel when I’m working…that’s not a problem. The problem (for us) comes when too many guests try to fly…the computer doesn’t register passes until they’ve already been used. So some cheeseball gets hired and lists 30 friends for the flight to Hawaii. They all get to Hawaii. He busts his pass limit, gets fired, and all of his friends are stuck in Hawaii.


But my sister is safe. I actually pay attention to my pass account (another sign of a junior schmoe!). She’ll get home on Sunday!