Passing of a NY Institution: Beethoven the Cat

That big, white (deaf) cat who slept in the window of Madison Florists is dead; I saw his obit in the window this morning (“Our Beloved Beethoven, 1987–2003”). He was a neighborhood fixture, even got a write-up in the NY Times (which is framed in the window). I stopped in to pay my condolences, and was told he died on the way to the vet, at the age of 16.

I’ll miss him! Used to stop in to pet him on the few occasions he was awake.

I love how many NY stores have cats. I never saw this particular one but they are not uncommon.

:frowning: Long live his spirit. Sounds like he was a special kitty.

Where do we send flowers?

Richmond had a similar beloved feline in “Cat,” the tabby who lived at Biff’s Bookstore in Carytown. Biff’s had a wide-range of porn magazines, even though it sold mainly mainstream titles. Cat’s favorite sleeping place was on the stacks of “Foreskin Quarterly.” That little fact was conveniently left out of his obituary.

lieu, I did briefly consider buying flowers at the florist’s and giving it to them, but thought the better iof it.

Freddy the Diner Cat was another landmark: when I worked at Art Direction Magazine in the East 30s, I would have b’fast at this diner every morning. Freddy (a huge marmalade cat) would come barreling out at the sound of my voice and take a flying leap into my lap. He’d curl up and the waitress would bring me a little pat of butter to feed Freddy as I ate my bagel. Once, he strolled right past Sharon Stone in favor of my lap! When Freddy died, the diner shortly thereafter went out of business; the entire block has since been demolished (I take it, as a tribute to Freddy).

what else could be built there after freddy passed? better a barren spot.

sorry to here of beethoven’s passing. i like when stores have pets.

there is a bookstore in philly that had two lovely dogs (some sort of boxer), once the dogs passed i stopped going there. the store is still there but is very empty looking without the dogs.

There was a bookstore in Chicago, twenty years ago, that had a cat. She liked to sleep in the window display and never twitched a whisker when people tapped on the glass. A big gray Persian, her name was Lady Jane.