Passport required for USian Traveling to Baja Sur?

I searched the boards (did they forget to feed the hamsters today?) and found no help.

I’m travelling to San Jose del Cabo this coming January. (Me and the ladybug are staying at the Hilton San Jose on our honeymoon.) Do I need a passport for this?

I’ve got an appointment for a passport application, and I have all the goodies the State Dept. wants, but do I really need this?

Should I pay for the expedited service if we want to fly on Jan 13?

I’ve looked at the state department web site, but it seems to be of no help, either.

Why was the state department of no help?

From Mexico-Consular Information Sheet

I’m sure you could talk to someone in Mexican govt. to confirm if you’re unsure. As for the passport - if you apply now, you almost certainly don’t need to pay the expedition fee (should normally take about 6 weeks or less).

Well, it’s been a couple of years since I was in Baja Sur but I really didn’t need a passport while there. A driver’s licence usually sufficed. However, coming back through airport customs would probably be easier with a passport considering all the security issues these days. I think you should go ahead and get one just to be sure. If you have never had a passport, go ahead and get expedited service. If it is just a renewal, they are usually pretty fast.
Have a wonderful honeymoon. Have dinner at Pancho’s in Cabo San Lucas for me!