Past TV schedules

Is there any website at which you can look up past TV schedules? I’m thinking of the recent past. I caught a few minutes of something over the weekend and I’m trying to figure out what it was.

All I can remember is that there was some kind of alien invasion. The good guys had to blow up the iconic tower at Los Angeles airport, and then they crashed a gigantic spacecraft into the city.

Got nuthin’? What about the movie? Any ideas?

Battle: Los Angeles (2011). I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMBb board, and one of the experts answered in inside of five minutes.

I don’t know about finding past schedules, though.

Wow, thanks!

Is it the same movie that was released in the theatres this weekend? If so, this would be the first time I noticed a movie being released in cinemas and on television simultaneously.

We periodicals librarians get calls pretty frequently for that, although I’m sure there’s somewhere you can go online. Sometimes we get the cops trying to break an alibi, and I’ve had them call for some fairly old stuff (TV Guide from the 80’s, once.) We keep it on microfilm.

It’s a cheap knock off. Similar to how “Anamorphs” came out on DVD when Transformers premiered.

FYI, the TV listings on Yahoo go back three days (so that today you can look at Tuesday’s schedule). That wouldn’t have helped you look up the schedule for last weekend, but it might help next time.

Actually, now that I look at the link, isn’t that the Aaron Eckhart theatrical release? This one looks more like the TV movie I saw a glimpse of –

Go to and go to the forums.

Then go to the TV section (it’s all the way at the bottom) and go to the Classic section of the TV section, in the forums

(Forums -> Television -> Classic)

The forum has posters which collect old TV guides. A lot of times they repost sections of them. Or if you have a specific request ask on the forum and usually someone has it somehwere.

It’s pretty new in theatres. I really doubt it’s going to be on TV, unless it’s pay per view.

Oops. Sorry.