Pasta Putanesca- You are what you eat?

Am I translating this correctly? Pasta of or relating to whores?

How did this olives and capers dish come to be so named?

I may be wrong, and I’m too tired to look it up, but it appears to me you may be mixing Italian and Spanish here.

Okay, okay…so curiosity got to me and you’re right. It’s “Harlot’s Pasta.” Read all about it:

Yes, you are translating it correctly, though the proper (or at least most often used) spelling contains 2 t’s.

Anyway, a couple of interpretations of how the name came about:

Crap. See, this is why we need the edit feature (and I previewed, too):
Second link: La Cucina Italiana Online

hmm…anchovies, olives and capers… could it be that it er, tastes like a whore?

irishgirl, introduce me to the whores you’ve been with. I want in!

'round here, Putanesca is generally referred to as “ho sauce.”

And no, it doesn’t taste like a whore, it tastes dreamy!

So, then does shepherd’s pie taste like a shepherd?

I was told that it got its name because it is quite a quick and easy dish to make in between clients!

That’s what I’ve always heard too. Cite.

I always thought of it as “pasta of the courtesan”! My recipe calls for hot peppers, making it a spicy, piquant, flavorful meal.

It can lead to a burning sensation later on, though. Cuisine imitating life, I guess.

If you are what you eat, then I’m fast, cheap, and easy.

One of my Moosewood cookbooks says that the name came from the spicy dish putting a little bounce in the step of the “working girls” who ate it.

Ever see the movie “Made”? There’s a hilarious little scene where a character is making pasta puttanesca for a young girl (5 yrs old). He’s just making small talk and says “Do you know what pasta puttanesca is? It’s -” (look on as his face as he realizes what he was about to say) “-um, it’s, um…bad girl’s pasta.”

The explanation I’ve heard is that the sauce is something whores would whip up out of the things they had in their kitchen - the implication being that a whore isn’t likely to spend a lot of time at the market picking out fresh food but any Italian woman would have at least these things.

But only if it involves a syringe, eh, Doc? :smiley: