I like pasta.

If I could eat only one basic food for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. I’ve sort of given it up though. It’s not good for me, figure-wise.

I don’t think it gets more mundane or pointless than that. :rolleyes:

Here’s a special variety: blue string pudding

Higgon Al-dente I hope?

Do we know Michael Ellis’s opinion on pasta? He Likes squirrels, maybe he likes pasta too?

Me likes pasta, too. Store-bought in a box or homemade, it’s a thrice-weekly staple at Chez Pug.

Hey, can I dry homemade egg pasta and use it later like the dried supermarket stuff?

Thank you… I think.

For the first six years I lived on my own, I ate pasta three or four days a week. That’s over 1000 days with pasta-only meals. So yeah, I like pasta too.

(After those six years a nice girl moved in with me; she’s otherwise perfect, but she does not like pasta. Go figure.)

Marco Polo trekked
to China seeking riches
when come back, bring pasta

[/bad semi-haiku]