Pasteurized Eggs?

I bought some chocolate chip cookie dough from a friend’s daughter (school fundraiser) and according to the ingredients, it contains “Pasteurized Whole Eggs”. Anyone know if that would make it safe to, for example, eat it raw? I miss snitching a spoonful of cookie dough while making cookies.

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I remember reading about a procedure for pasteurizing eggs. IIRC, the eggs are heated to a certain temperature for a certain period of time that kills salmonella without actually cooking the egg. I’ve never seen pasteurized aggs for sale, though.

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From the Mississippi State Univ. Extension Service:
“Foods containing raw eggs, such as homemade ice cream, cake batter, mayonnaise, and eggnog carry a Salmonella risk, but their commercial counterparts don’t. Commercial products are made with pasteurized eggs; that is, eggs that have been heated sufficiently to kill bacteria, and also may contain an acidifying agent that kills the bacteria. Commercial preparations of cookie dough are not a food hazard.”

Sounds like it’s safe - enjoy!