Pastor asked (forced) to leave town

Locally, a minister (Baptist) was forced to leave town this weekend. He and his wife were just too liberal for the locals. I was not of their flock and I realize that the church elders have the right to ax any minister they have chosen for any reason they choose, I guess. He didn’t get run out for easing off the hell fire and brimstone, which he did, or the suggestion that the church was a journey and not an end in itself. The beginning of the end came when his wife, a blond, put a purple streak in her hair. Apparently, loud gasps were heard the Sunday when she was first seen with it. I, myself (not a person usually on the mainline of the local gossip - I imagine I am more often the subject), heard the rumor, “Well, a minister’s wife should not behave that way. Well, really, she is a minister’s wife.”

The final straw came when the word got out that the wife was going to serve as a surrogate for a couple in Sweden and have their child. That apparently was bad, but even worse was the fact that the company that facilated the surrogacy (sp?) had been known to serve as a conduit for gay couples having children. The deacons felt that was sinful. I am shaking my head as I type. I don’t know what I am more amazed at, that those type of people still exist, or that I am amazed that those types of people still exist. He and his wife got their walking papers for that however. On Wednesday they were told they would have to leave by the end of May. When the word got out that the minister would preach his Sunday sermon on “Judge not least ye be judged,” (the “ye” is probably me King Jamesing the quote, he was probably going to do it in modern) He was told he would not be permitted to preach again from the local pulpit. He did not. He left town that same Sunday, four days after being told he was fired.

I am not religious. I tend to be anti. I do not go to church and I don’t find I like the people who do regularly (probably a gross and unfair generalization), but still I was upset a minister or any person got the ax this way although if he hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have gone to the church. Or maybe I would have, but only to irritate those who wanted to get rid of him, and that isn’t a really good reason to go to church, I guess.

Anyway, what are your reactions?

How exactly did they force him to leave town? Or do you mean he was fired from his pastorate?


He was fired from his pastorate and with it went his house and with no job, no home and the rejection of those he has preached to for a year or so, I guess he felt he had to leave.

I’m not suprised that a congregation of loonies didn’t like what this guy was doing and showed him the door.
I’m probably more suprised that this guy was involved with this looney church. Sounds like he and his wife are liberal thinking christians and could probably find a church that is a better fit for them.
Did he think it was his mission to get baptists to “lighten up”? Good luck with that.

I don’t suppose you have a cite for this?

No offense, but I am reminded a little of the Kaitlyn fiasco.


I’m not even sure who Kaitlyn is. Nah, no cite. Local minister leaves after clash with elders. Who would pick it up? Who would think it would be worth a cite? Maybe the guy or his wife mentioned it on a facebook page or something, or one of the younger members of the congregation, but that would be about it, I imagine.

And Hampshire, I don’t think his mission was to “lighten up” the local church so much and he saw a different church evolving during his time in the pulpit than the locals wanted. And the funny part was it wasn’t so much the church stuff that got him sent off, I think they might have tolerated that, maybe, it was the other stuff. And I’m not sure they’re really “loonies”. Remember, this is a small town and rural. They may, deep down inside, feel threatened by this new fangled hair and way of having children, and probably religious philosophy, too, I guess. After all, traditionally religion is a solid bastion of conservatism. And really, how many even liberal congregations can point to a minister’s wife with purple streaks in her hair and planning on surving as a surrogate for a pair of foreign persons. I personally thought it was cool, but I don’t have children in her/their Sunday School class.

I was surprised that a guy like that would end up in a place that’s that narrow minded. I hope this ends up being a blessing in disguise and he ends up finding a haven of people who do appreciate him.

This, I believe, was the upshot of it all, with examples.

Weird. Are you saying TV time is not who he says he is? Or the event didn’t happen?:confused: FWIW, which may not be much, I have met TV time in person. He seemed like a stand-up guy at the time.

I’m not sure what his background was but I get the feeling this was his first posting, and I think he was a bit more conservative when he started. I have been told he is going to take a social worker type job in a middle-sized city working with youth. He feels he had his biggest successes with young people.
He has let it be known that he doesn’t want any involvement with organized religion. This was said at the height of this whole deal however, so he may mellow on that.

Baptist Minister who preaches a bit different than the Southern Baptists I grew up with:

  • Life is a Journey, as opposed to asking if you are RIGHT NOW Baptized in the Blood, or just the water.
  • Pulls back on fire & brimstone

So the sermons might not be appreciated. But then what happens?

  • Wife dresses in a different fashion. Sorry - purple streaks in the hair are outside of the norm, and I live in Southern California.
  • Wife is acting as a surrogate, instead of having babies for themselves.
  • Wife is acting as a surrogate for someone who might not be raising the child as a good Christian Baptist?

The Southern Baptist church has said that the wife should submit to the husband. This also means that the wife’s actions reflect on the husbands.

And you wonder why they might not keep their contract? I attend a liberal church, and if our Minister started reducing the social justice sermons it would get some people wondering. If his wife started attending tea party meetings, the Elders just might start talking about whether it was time for us to interview a new Minister. If they then found out he was going to go out in style, they would probably choose to not allow that.

The Minister is an employee. This employee no longer reflected the desires of his employer, and lost his job. Welcome to at-will employment.

That’s a shame. Its also the life of a minister. A friend of mine was a minister’s daughter…and her Dad had some personality issues. She spent her life moving from town to town as he’d get called, then manage to piss off his congregation, lose his job (which, as pointed out, includes the house) and start looking for another job. (He tended to get too fire and brimstoney).

This is an uplifting story about a minister whose church fired him and the consequences:

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His lifestyle, values and beliefs were a far cry from those of his congregation.

Other than the fact that one or both parties should have noticed this during the vetting process, I don’t see what the issue is.

Unsurprised. Except that you thought this merited a Pit thread. The church is within its rights, and he obviously didn’t mesh well with his congregation.

It’s a church. A Baptist church. Intolerance ain’t exactly in short supply.

No, No I didn’t (homage to* Phineas and Ferb*). I thought it was worthy of IMHO. I just wanted to get others’ reaction to see how they correlated with mine.

The true servants of the Lord will be persecuted. Jesus offers freedom from laws and rules through grace. Jesus will make a way for His people who follow him regardless of man’s rules.

Scripturally a pastor is not a shepherd, they are 2 separate gifts from the Holy Spirit. In my experience shepherds are part of the ‘invisible’ church and is actually the Lord acting through certain people, which IMHO is rarely the pastor. So you would not be of his flock, but if anything the Lord’s flock.

Couldn’t he have compromised and allowed the congregation to stone his wife to death? Or maybe put her to some kind of possession test with a dunking stool? I mean, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Etymologically, a pastor is a shepherd.

Isn’t surrogacy actually illegal?

ETA: Warning – you do NOT want get into a theological discussion with Kanicbird. Not if you value your sanity.