Pastor livid after donations in his name to Planned Parenthood


Good. People are turning his hatred into a Good Thing.

Hm. Sounds like he doesn’t like Muslims much either. (I know he said ‘radical’, but IME people like him don’t like any of them.) Maybe someone should donate to Islamic Relief USA.

(Note: I am not suggesting that Dopers donate to either or any charity in order to get the good Pastor’s goat.)

I’m pretty sure that even if you count radical Islam as “an organization”, the United States has killed more innocents than Radical Islam has. Do the names “Dresden”, “Tokyo”, “Hiroshima”, or “Nagasaki” ring a bell?

Just seems bad taste. I guess you would love donations in your name to The Donald J. Trump Foundation.

I don’t believe they can accept donations so long as they’re still under investigation.

I never donate to campaogns unless it’s raogning.

I post on a left-leaning board where a lot of posters have said that they have donated to PP and NARAL in Mike Pence’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:

That might be one for GQ or GD as Islamists have killed an awfully large number of innocents over the past 1500 years.

Of course, he has other things to be upset about:

Mike Pence Horrified To Discover Unisex Toilet In Own House

It’s the givers’ money to do with as they please. I’d be sad on their behalf that they chose to squander them on a BS Foundation, but them deciding to do it in my name would hurt me none.

The only way I’d be ticked if someone made a donation in my name to any organization would be if they also provided my contact information and I was barraged by future requests. Beyond that, I don’t care.

My gf started a donation drive at work to help PP a few weeks ago. Her employer has promised to match whatever amount is collected. I have suggested (and it’s being considered) they recognize the good pastor via their donation.:slight_smile:

I think if the good pastor’s words are what motivated me to send a few bucks to Planned Parenthood, then I should definitely let him know that he had such an effect.

Donation made in his honor a few days ago.

The Streisand Effect strikes again.

Given that Nazi Germany wiped out 11M Russian civilians, plus another 6-11M in the Holocaust, plus several million more civilians in the various European states, I’d say they are the clearly the leading innocent-death-dealing organization in all of history.

Not as many as Christians have.

Just sayin’…

Nope, they’re mere pikers.

Mao is probably responsible for 40M deaths, and Stalin 20M. The Go-To Name for Evil Inc is just a mere third in death and suffering.

Absolute numbers are, of course, had to verify. Most estimates I have read do put the Big Three in this order, though.

Oh my. I’m afraid “your side” would lose that GD or GQ thread though.

On 14 July, 1099

On 20 August 1191 at the Siege of Acre, Richard the Lion Heart carried out killings in full view of the Muslim army and Saladin’s own field headquarters. Around 3000 soldiers alongside each and every women and child present in the walls were executed.

Et cetera.

While it looks like he has other views that may qualify, being pro-life isn’t “hatred”.

But is he actually pro-life? He said(later retracted) that women should be punished for abortion. Something he did not retract on the spot.

**Pastor livid after donations in his name to Planned Parenthood

**His church has the word Bible in the name. As a stout follower of the teachings of Jesus, why doesn’t he simply forgive the people donating in his honor?