Pat Buchanan, Again

So Pat Buchanan pens an article titled “Is America coming apart?”. This looks interesting I think, it’ll be nice to see him talk about putting aside petty squables to focus on issues, how what unites us as a country is greater than what divides us, etc.

But, being the fucking asshole he is, he takes yet another opportunity to say that the problem is that we are losing our European heritage. It’s the fags and the brown people that are tearing America apart. That’s funny, because what I see tearing us apart is mostly a bunch of white people arguing with other white people about whether we should adopt a health care system like they have in Europe. (psst, Pat, Europe is where we got our European heritage, maybe we should look at their healthcare systems).

It’s not the Latinos showing up at town halls with guns, it’s not black people that make up the ranks of truthers and birthers and other nuts on the right and left. Pat: what makes America great is that we have jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll that are a mixture of African and European traditions, that we eat sushi, tacos, and pizza, that we have a state where more than half the population is Asian or pacific islanders, that we have areas settled by non-English speaking people that were here decades before the pilgrims, that millions of our people are native Americans, that we have really white places like Vermont and really black places like Washington DC, yet we are all Americans.

Pat: if you like European heritage so much, go live there. Of course maybe they won’t be so friendly to a Hitler apologist.

Oh didn’t you know? That music is of teh DEVIL!

And on top of everything, he is delivering the message on World **Nut **Daily.


Pat, the US is just beginning to realize Columbus was a conquering bastard, In Latin America, “Columbus Day” is the “day of the race”, in reference to “the encounter of two worlds” and “cultural fusion” that was the result of the discovery.

How it came to pass that in the USA we just continued to celebrate the misguided European conqueror when even the USA fought against other European ones for independence is amazing.

And then Pat makes it worse by calling some people “old heroes”, when many believe that they actually committed treason.

… why… does Pat think… Mexicans celebrate Cinco De Mayo… on September 10th? It’s not an old article, it has You Lie mentioned in it.

He’s such a paleoconservative he’s still on the Julian calendar.

Well, of course it’s reasonable to believe that it’s unfair to replace Stonewall Jackson with Martin Luther King as an American to respect and venerate.

It’s perfectly reasonable, as long as one starts with the premise of being a bigoted nutbar.

I think he meant today as in “these days” not actually “today, 9/10”.

Carry on.

I appreciate how he doesn’t have to try as hard to hide his racist and bigoted ideas with code words an innuendo. Wont be long until he pens an article called “Why Don’t The Negros Work Hard Like Me?”

Am I the only one for whom the link in the OP isn’t working?

Am I the only one who hears this to the tune of “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

Not now, you’re not. Thanks for the earworm infestation…

What can I say? Misery loves company.

Do you know who else sounded perfectly reasonable? :eek: :smiley:

Someone who definitely didn’t want war when he was waging all that war.

He’s just a stupid mick. The country’s been going downhill ever since we started treating the Irish and Italians like real Americans.

You’re discounting his fine German heritage.

Damn Krauts.

True. In fact, I believe he’s of almost all German descent on his mother’s side.

Pat Buchanan’s Irish background is grossly overstated. For one thing, “Buchanan” is a Scotch-Irish Protestant name.

Good thing he can’t claim any Norwegian descent.:smiley:

Damned papest mackerel-snapper, too. This is a Christian country, popelover! :mad:

Pat Buchanan is Tom Hagen?