Pat Harrington dead at 86.


I miss “One Day At A Time.”

The Janitor at Sacred Heart Hospital will be inconsolable.

One of my favorite movies is “The President’s Analyst,” and Harrington was utterly convincing as a brilliant smooth-talker with a secret. (It takes a smart person to play ‘dumb’ with as much finesse as Harrington showed on “One Day at a Time.”)

. . . “He’s a recording!”

When I saw this earlier, I thought ‘Didn’t he die years ago?’ Then I realised I was thinking of Pat Hingle, only I was thinking of Pat Buttram. (Both of them died years ago.)

Harrington also did a huge amount of voice-over work, but mostly for cheap, forgettable animated shows of the 60s…

I was very surprised, reading various obituaries and tributes, to learn that he voiced “The Inspector,” the Clouseau-like animated character in the old Pink Panther cartoon series. I remember those segments well, but I never realized it was good old Schneider doing the voices!

Did anyone else read the title as “Kit Harrington”?

This weekend, Me TV is running a marathon of the series in his memory.

Antenna TV. That’s the network that carries One Day at A Time reruns. That’s how I learned of his death.

Thanks. I keep getting the two confused.

Heh. The concept of ‘a recording’ seemed to loom larger in the public consciousness back in the 1960s than it does now.

But, wow, that movie certainly was prescient about the surveillance culture…

OTOH . . .

Not so prescient.

Well, certainly there hasn’t been much joining of hands. But ‘my country becomes more capitalistic’ seems pretty much on the money (so to speak).

Anyway, my mention of ‘the surveillance culture’ wasn’t to do with USA v. Russia–it was about the movie’s depiction of the characters being watched—not only by the FBR and CEA, but by the Canadians (!) and of course TPC. The modern-day analog of TPC would be Google and its closest competitors, I suppose, rather than any of the Baby Bells, but the idea remains the same.

I thought he was already dead. Perhaps I somehow conflated him with Bonnie Franklin, though I find that hard to imagine.

I never thought Schneider was supposed to be dumb the way, say, Joey Tribiani was. He was weird, like, say, Phoebe Buffay.

I just watched the link provided & noticed that the episode of Scrubs was directed by John Putsch, who played Barbara’s friend Bob (?) on One Day at a Time.

I’m going to have to try and catch some of this. I thought Schneider was the *coolest *guy back in the day. He was part of my childhood! (I’m only slightly younger than Valerie Bertinelli.)

It’s on Antenna TV. If you tune in to MeTV, you’ll miss it.

My feelings toward Valerie Bertinelli were, shall we say uncomfortable in 1975, when she was 15 and I was 21. As time passed I got over it.

Fortunately I am younger than she and had no such difficulty. Bonnie Franklin was hit as well. The girl who played Julie, not so much.

A fair point.

In any case, Harrington gave a skillful performance throughout the run of the show.