Pat my Dog!

As in Pat, my dog. Pun intended.
This is Pat, my 7 year old Samoyed/ Lab mix.
She’s a very smiley dog, and loves getting her photo taken. I think.

Seen Here in Alert Mode;

And Angry/ Tired Mode. This Photo was Taken at three in the morning, and I was drunk.

lolpatz no rikey remonade.

Pat, expressing disinterest at my (again) drunken state. Sending Pat pics to my friends after a night out is my thing.

Seriously, she lay like this for so long I thought she was dead. Zoom in on her face; have you ever seen such a contented dog?

And lastly, Pat in her natural mode; looking for food.
More to follow, as soon as I get drunk again!

Aw. She’s beautiful, bubastis!

A pooch thread. With a beautiful, expressive, happy pooch.

::sighs with bliss::

Cat threads, with their attendant pics, are okay but there’s rather an abundance of them around here. Dog threads, on the other hand…

Pat is gorgeous. I especially like her sitting-and-smiling pictures. There’s nothing, just nothing, more endearing than a patient pup.

I’m stroking the side of my German Shepherd/black Lab mix who’s currently stretched out beside my chair, completely zonked out, paws twitching and yipping at her dreams.

Wow, she looks JUST like a dog I used to have. Now I miss my old doggy…

Sorry! Had to be done. :smiley:

I don’t even like animals that much, and I have to say that’s a very cute dog.

Pat *my *dog.

Along with Jake



and Wolf


My dog is not Pat. But Jasmine likes to be patted. She likes scritches on her chest and belly better, though.

What a lovely dog [gives skritches]!

I believe in Dog!

My dogs are not Pat, either. But both are also very smiley, especially Hannah (the brown feist).

Here’s Marli by herself. She’s half Chihuahua and half Corgi.

YAY for doggies !

So that’s a Cohuahua, a chigi, a chihugi, or a corgachi?

Woo-Hoo! A doggy thread!

'Nenna in the sunbeams

'Nenna close up sleeping

Reproachful dog does not appreciate the encroachment upon her sunbeam

'Nenna and Boo-Boo

She really sleeps like this.

Napping with a ferret.

That’s my Auggie, he’s my doggie, when it rains he gets all soggy…

Probably all of the above! She certainly has that Chihuahua bark.


Nenna conked out, snuggling with a ferret. Sweet Auggie doggy. Hannah and Marli and of course St. Germain’s magnificent pack.

I must bestir myself to set up a photo account someplace. I am blest with, I’m sorry, the best-dog-in-this-and-all-universes-known-and-unknown. She’s well up in years–just turned 15–so it’s way overdue to share her smile and silky wonderfulness.

I love dog threads.

Puppy dooooogs. So nice. Kitty person, but I like doggos a whole bunch.

Beautiful dog!

But I have to ask, is that a plastic cow yonder to the right? Or part of a plastic cow, like the lower part?

Oh look at all the puppies! I love doggies! Consider everybody scritched in whatever way they like the absolute best in the world!