Pat Tillman's Death (seriously, GQ, I swear!)

I’ve seen a few references now to a (purported?) fact that Pat Tillman was killed by three bullets to the forehead from a single gun, the wounds from them being in a configuration that suggests the shooter was within fifteen feet of Tillman at the time.

I’ve seen an AP story quoted to this effect. But I can’t find the story itself. (A couple of links from some sites I was reading come up blank.)

I also gather that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the investigation into the circumstances of his death, and apparently it still remains unclear just exactly what is supposed to have happened, much less what actually happened. But again, I find no clear sources for this–just bits and pieces mentioned here and there on various blogs etc.

So my GQ is just this: Where can I find whatever hard info there is on Tillman’s death and the causes thereof? Specifically, is it true he seems to have been killed at close range? And, what is, at least, the official story about what happened?



Got me. I’ve heard references to Tillman having been shot at close range and a report that the military is investigating the matter as a murder now.

To back up the OP’s “GQ” nature, I’ve inferred from a few newer articles on the matter that Pat Tillman might have been “fragged.” I define “fragged” a being killed by subordinates for being a dick commander.
Previous reports have him killed in an unfortunate, confusing, and unintended friendly-fire incident.
What’s the Straight Dope?

I’m glad someone wrote this GQ. I want to know why the Congress is mixed up in it too? Is it because of the ‘cover-uP’?

This seems to be the AP article “tell all”, but it doesn’t mention being shot at close range–but it does go into a fair bit of detail about the shooting and the shooters. I wonder if people aren’t conflating claims and sources?

And this one talks about the “close proximity” of the wounds–presumably to each other.

ETA: I spoke too soon. That article claims

(Just FYI: The earlier article was linked to on Wiki and then I googled the reporter’s names to find the second one)

Since Tillman was an E-4 Specialist (posthumously made a corporal) he was not a commander of anyone. He was just a grunt. Of course he could have still been a dick. Last I heard it was just the fact that he was rejoining the main party from the direction that they were taking fire from. I guess it’s possible something more happened but I haven’t heard of it.

Doesn’t the standard training teach to shoot the M16 in bursts of three?

Not considered a “fact”. There has been no finding that any hostile fire happened at all. The only proven friendly fire is that which was aimed at Tillman. (To say there are conflicting accounts is an understatement. So “facts” are rare.)

Among those who suspect/claim that Tillman was murdered, the cause usually given is that he was about to “come out” as strongly anti-war. That might be considered being a “jerk” to some people, especially those being accused, but the claim is that it was a political hit. (Again, this is the claim from one category of people.)

Keep in mind, that a year from now, everything the Pentagon is currently saying happened may be disproven. (Based on the past record.)